Big Brother housemates react to eviction crowd chants

kerry in the diary room, big brother day 13
Big Brother housemates react to crowd chantsITV

In the wake of the second eviction, the Big Brother housemates have been left reeling after hearing the crowd's chants.

Following Farida Khalifa's exit, Zak Srakaew became the second contestant to leave the Big Brother house in ITV's reboot of the iconic reality show.

Sixteen housemates have walked into the house this season, already butting heads, breaking rules, and taking part in tasks that have raised more than a few eyebrows.

And they got a little taste of how they are being perceived on the outside after hearing the crowd gathered for the second eviction, leading to some tears in the house.

kerry in the diary room, big brother day 13

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Kerry and her fellow housemates were left shocked when they heard chants from the crowd saying, "Get Kerry out'. An upset Kerry retreated to the Diary Room to confide in Big Brother how she was feeling.

"I don't really know what to do now," she said. "They were chanting, 'Get Kerry Out', and it sounded like there was about 50,000 people. It just felt a bit rubbish and you think, 'Oh god, what's my son going through? What's my family going through?'"

She wondered if her previous comments about Zak were what might have swayed the public against her.

kerry in the diary room, big brother day 13

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"If there's anyone out there that's a big Zak fan, they’re not going to be very happy with me. So I'm hoping it's that," she continued, adding through tears: "It's really tough."

Meanwhile, Jenkin Edwards and Tom Bryant discussed the impact of the crowd's chants in the garden, with Jenkin commenting: "You don't want to listen to the crowd, you want to create your own judgement but then you have to sit back and think…"

Tom responded: "I'm not going to change my opinion, I like Kerry. I do think she over-exaggerates a lot of the time, her reactions and responses to things because she's obviously been watching this show for years."

Big Brother airs Sundays to Fridays at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. Each episode is followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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