Big Brother recap: The Leftovers look to stay in control of the game

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Heading into this Big Brother episode, those of us watching at home know that a major twist is coming, that the house will soon be divided into two separate factions, with each playing their own game and voting their own houseguest out during a double eviction. But the players don't know that. Instead, The Leftovers are feeling good about their position in the game, and they're doing their best to win the latest HOH competition to stay in control of nominations.

We pick up where the previous episode left off, with all of the houseguests except for outgoing HOH Michael participating in the yearly wall challenge. After quite a bit of time, there are four Leftovers players left on the wall plus Indy. If Indy wins, there's a good chance one of The Leftovers is going home. Before long though, Indy falls off, and all that's left is seeing which one of The Leftovers controls nominations this week. In a beautiful bit of karma considering Daniel just got booted out of the house, Taylor becomes the new HOH.

Now, it seems like Taylor winning HOH should make for an easy week, but The Leftovers are realizing that things are getting tricky now that there's only four non-alliance members left in the house. Taylor immediately says she won't target Jasmine because she doesn't want to be responsible for getting a black woman out of the house, so that only leaves Indy, Alyssa, and Terrance. When Taylor sits down with the alliance to talk through nominations and targets, things get all confused. Taylor is trying out all these ideas but none of them really work when you consider the veto and what could potentially happen.

On top of all of that, there are some rifts forming within The Leftovers. Joseph and Kyle have been included in the house's other alliance, as Indy, Alyssa, and Jasmine think that the two guys are working with them. Hilariously enough, it took this many weeks for Jasmine to head into the diary room and say "I think it's time that, for my game, I form an alliance." Girl, you think? Jasmine even names the new alliance, going with "Five Swatters" because … they were talking about fly swatters at the time. Joseph rolls his eyes and I have to agree, it's hard to know what's going through Jasmine's head most of the time.

Now, Joseph and Kyle are 100 percent devoted to their initial alliance — with the exception of Kyle potentially being more loyal to Alyssa if she survives longer in the game — but that doesn't mean that them playing both sides of the house isn't rubbing some people the wrong way. As Michael points out to Brittany, Joseph and Kyle don't feel any pressure to win competitions because neither alliance will target them, leaving the rest of The Leftovers to do all the heavy lifting and get blood on their hands during nominations and evictions.

Anyways, for the most part this is actually a pretty dull episode. There's just not a lot of drama now that Daniel and Nicole are out of the house, so the road to this week's nominations feels lackluster in comparison to previous weeks. Once the dust settles, Taylor puts Terrance and Indy on the block, and there's some talk that Jasmine could be a backdoor option should one of the nominees win the veto. We'll see what happens on Wednesday!

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