Big Brother Spoilers: Season 25's Week 6 Veto Winner Has A Huge Decision To Make After Surprise Nominations, But What Will They Do?

 Julie Chen Moonves on Big Brother
Julie Chen Moonves on Big Brother

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Sunday, September 10th. Read at your own risk!

This has been one of the wildest weeks of Big Brother Season 25 yet, and it's all thanks to Cameron Hardin. After what seemed like it would be a boring week of Cam doing "what the house wants" and nominating Jag Bains and Blue Kim, the HOH pulled a surprising move that stunned the entire house. Now there are two power players on the block, and a newly crowned veto winner tied to both with a tough decision to make about how to move forward.

I had low expectations for Cameron's second Head of Household, but he made me eat crow and then some when he nominated Izzy Fields and Felicia Johnson. The veto winner was revealed to those streaming with a Paramount+ subscription, setting up the tough decision he has to make this week.

Jared Fields in the Big Brother house
Jared Fields in the Big Brother house

Jared Fields Won The Week 6 Veto

Jared stepped up and scored a win for his alliance when it was needed, but the damage might already be done. Izzy and Felicia are key parts of his alliance, but the odds feel low when it comes to the idea of saving them both this week. That's rough, but not nearly as rough as the decision on whether to use the veto or not, which could be an amazing or awful move for his game.

Cirie on Big Brother on CBS
Cirie on Big Brother on CBS

Cameron Revealed His Plan Is To Backdoor Cirie, But Can Jared Afford To Play Along?

When Jared went to talk to Cameron about plans for the veto, the HOH revealed his real plan is to backdoor Survivor legend Cirie Fields. Jared clearly is not jazzed about using the veto to nominate her, but only a couple of people in the house are aware Cirie is his mother. Cameron doesn't know the secret and would certainly be suspicious if Jared defied his order and rejected using the veto.

If Jared can convince Cam to nominate someone else, which isn't likely, that's the best-case possible scenario for him and his alliance. Even if they can somehow keep Izzy over Felicia, which also feels unlikely, that's not as bad of a move for him as losing Izzy or Cirie. The problem is everyone is aware Izzy is the stronger player between her and Felicia, and I don't think anyone will be convinced to keep her around.

The second best choice is way more risky, but could possibly save Izzy, keep Cirie, and keep Jared's closeness to the two more of a secret. Jared could use the veto to save Izzy, allow Cirie to go on the block, and hope that her many alliances would be enough to save her against Felicia. Izzy may not have the votes to survive against Felicia, but Cirie might.

Of course, this plan isn't perfect. To start, Cameron wants Felicia taken off the block and not Izzy. Also, this plan puts a lot of faith in the rest of the Big Brother Season 25 cast staying loyal to Cirie and not taking the opportunity to remove the master strategist. Would others want to protect Cirie as much as Jared? I'm not so sure.

Jared can, of course, not use the veto, but doing so will certainly damage his game. He's managed to keep his connection to Cirie pretty close to the chest, but if word gets out he's deliberately working to protect her, it's going to raise alarm bells about who he's really working with. Whether he meant to or not, Cameron really put the majority alliance in a tight spot no matter what they do. I don't envy the decision Jared has to make or what the right call will be.

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