Blake Lively Gives ‘“A Simple Favor” Vibes’ in Sexy Betty Buzz Commercial

Lively jokes: "We don’t test on animals. We test on men.”

<p>Betty Buzz / Maximum Effort</p>  Blake Lively Gives ‘A Simple Favor Vibes’ In Sexy Betty Buzz Commercial

Betty Buzz / Maximum Effort

Blake Lively Gives ‘A Simple Favor Vibes’ In Sexy Betty Buzz Commercial

Blake Lively is channeling Emily Nelson.

The Betty Buzz founder starred in a new commercial for her non-alcoholic drink brand, which appears to be inspired by her 2018 movie A Simple Favor. In the spot and a matching Instagram post, she joked that her Betty Buzz drinks were “cruelty-free, unless men count.”

At the start of the ad, Lively, wearing a black vest, slowly walks into frame and sets the scene.

“There’s a reason all men love Betty Buzz because at Betty Buzz, we don’t test on animals. We test on men,” Lively says.

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A muscly, shirtless man appears on screen. Deadpan, she stares at the camera as she feeds him a Betty Buzz-filled martini glass. Fans were quick to point out the similarities to A Simple Favor. (A martini was the signature drink from the film).

"A simple favor vibes!!!!" one fan commented. "Ugh Emily Nelson vibes yessss," added another, referencing her character.

In the commercial, the shirtless man makes satisfying gulps. “That’s a good boy. Drink up," Lively says in a dramatic sweet voice,

<p>Betty Buzz</p>

Betty Buzz

“Let ‘em know how good it is,” she adds as he almost finishes the bubbly beverage.

To close out the clip, the male tester displays the bottle with a smile.

Lively's celeb pal, Gigi Hadid commented on her Instagram post of the video, "Bahaaaaa das a good big boi."

The official Betty Buzz account commented, "We’re just asking men for a simple favor 🤷‍♀️."

This summer, Lively launched a sister brand, Betty Booze, which contains alcohol.

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Though Lively admitted "drinking isn't my thing” in her announcement of the new venture, she was inspired to create the spiked seltzers because she so often makes beverages for her friends and family.

“These are the recipes I've been making for loved ones for years. But I have 4 kids now. And I'm tired. So here they are in a can. Enjoy. Responsibly…ish," said Lively, who recently welcomed her fourth child with husband, Ryan Reynolds. They also share daughters James, 8, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3.

The brand launched with three flavors: sparkling tequila with lime shiso, sparkling tequila with oak smoked lemonade, and sparkling bourbon with apple ginger sour cherry.

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