Athletics - Blake rejects 'insulting' Birmingham GP offer

Olympic sprints silver medallist Yohan Blake will not appear at Sunday's Birmingham Grand Prix after his manager accused UK Athletics of tabling an 'insulting' offer for the Jamaican to appear.

Blake rejects 'insulting' Birmingham GP offer

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Yohan Blake

Blake will instead compete in the Lausanne Diamond League meet as well as further races in Zurich on August 29 and Brussels on September 7, with those appearances reported to earn him over £100,000 apiece.

Blake's manager Cubie Seegobin claims the Birmingham offer paled in comparison at just £25,000 and accused the English organisers of being 'arrogant'.

“There’s an arrogance about these meets in England,” he said.

“There’s something wrong. The attitude seems to be ‘We’ve got Mo Farah so we don’t need anyone else’.

"Birmingham has a big West Indian community and you would have thought they would want to see Yohan Blake or Warren Weir or some of the other Jamaicans.”

Seegobin went on to accuse promoter Ian Stewart of handing out invitations to meets based on who was more 'friendly' with the board, but a spokesman for UK Athletics rejected the claims.

“We can’t comment on negotiations with individual athletes but we’re delighted with the quality of Sunday’s field, which has 18 Olympic gold medallists and 46 medallists,” she said.

“We also have two of the three British gold medallists and our research tells us that it is British athletes who our supporters want to see most. We could have sold out Birmingham three times over on the back of Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford.”

Blake's training partner and compatriot Usain Bolt - who beat him in both the 100m and 200m and shared 4x100m relay gold with him - is believed to earn twice as much as Blake per meeting.

The global superstar remains absent from British GP events due to tax laws which would affect his entire global income should he compete just once in the United Kingdom.

The law was waived for the Olympics.

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