This Blogger Is Embracing Her "Visible Belly Outline"

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The blogger showing off her “visible belly outline.” <br>[Photo: Instagram/_selfloveclub_]
The blogger showing off her “visible belly outline.”
[Photo: Instagram/_selfloveclub_]

Since we were old enough to be aware of unrealistic beauty standards (aka depressingly young) the first thing most of us agonized over was our own, non-flat, stomach.

Society dictates that certain things on a woman’s boy are meant to stick out — boobs and butts — but not too much. It also dictates that certain things are not meant to stick out at all, namely our bellies.

That’s a stigma that one body-positive blogger is out to change. She goes by @_selfloveclub and she’s urging people of the world to embrace their “VBO” — or Visible Belly Outline — so that we can all get back to the more important things in life, like enjoying our summers.

“Cheers to a summer of rocking clothing that give you a visible tummy outline,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Cheers to not giving a sh*t what people think about your body or the way you dress. Cheers to embracing what we’ve been told not to wear because it doesn’t ‘flatter our body type’. Cheers to living free of judgement, reservations, and inhibitions. Life is short, enjoy it. Don’t let others affect your happiness and self worth. Bellies are cute and worth showing off.” Preach.

This concept of self-love is surprisingly simple but so hard to internalize — think about how much brain space we’d save if we stopped penalizing ourselves for what our bodies look like?

Her followers clearly feel similarly and it sounds like her post was just what many of them needed to hear. “Just cried reading this. Thank you x [sic] a million,” one wrote.

“I have a twin mom pooch now and I’m so ashamed of it and walk around daily fearing that I’ll get asked if I’m pregnant again even though that can never, ever happen without IVF,” said another.

“I feel like crap and your post has really gripped me,” another follower wrote. “You look so beautiful to me… so I just need to start seeing that in myself!”

These are #SummerGoals we can definitely get behind.

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