Boat Race 2017: When is it, what time does it start, where can I watch it and why is it on Sunday?

Ben Burrows
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The two great rivals face off again this weekend: AFP
The two great rivals face off again this weekend: AFP

Oxford and Cambridge go toe to toe and oar to oar this weekend for the 163rd Boat Race.

All eyes will be on the River Thames once more as the Light Blues face their Dark Blue rivals once again.

Cambridge still lead the overall Boat Race head-to-head 82-79, while they hold a larger advantage in the Women’s Boat Race with a 41-30 lead.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the Boat Race.

When is it?

The 163rd Boat Race takes place on Sunday 2 April, switching from its usual Saturday afternoon slot two years ago.

Why is it on a Sunday this year?

The Boat Race changes time and date each year due to two factors – university timetables and tide times. Each year, the Boat Race must take place during the Easter holidays, giving organisers a period of time from Saturday 12 March to Sunday 17 April to set a date. The Men’s Boat Race must also start 30 minutes before high tide in Putney, meaning the race is likely to change time each year in order to meet the requirements.

What time do the races start?

The women's race begins at 4.35pm and the men's race follows the same route an hour later at 5.35pm.

What time does TV coverage start?

All four races will be covered live on BBC One, with coverage set to get underway at 4pm.

The two rivals face off once again (AFP)
The two rivals face off once again (AFP)

Who is going to win the men's race?

Oxford - 4/11

Cambridge – 15/8

Dead Heat – 100/1

What else could happen?

Race to be interrupted by a protester - 20/1

Race to be interrupted by a shark – 500/1

Either boat to be disqualified – 20/1

Either boat to sink – 20/1

Both boats to sink – 100/1

Odds provided by Betfair

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