The Boat Race 2017: what time is Oxford vs Cambridge, what TV channel is it on and where is the best place to watch it?

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The Oxford and Cambridge men's crew pose ahead of the 163rd Boat Race  - 2017 Getty Images

What is it?

It's the 163rd annual boat race between Oxford University and Cambridge University.

The race takes place close to Easter each year on the River Thames in West London, between Putney and Mortlake.

The first race took place in 1829 in Henley on Thames following a challenge between old school friends, Charles Wordsworth and Charles Merrevile.

Since the second race in 1836, the contest has taken place in London.

When is it?

This coming Sunday, 2 April. The women's race gets under way at 4.35pm and the men's race follows along the same route an hour later at 5.35pm. 

The Boat Race 2017 crew

What TV channel is it on?

The prestigious event will be broadcast live on BBC One, with coverage and build-up beginning from 4pm on Sunday afternoon. 

Clare Balding will once again front the BBC's coverage of the race  Credit: Clare Blading  

Where does it start and finish?

The Boat Race course, known as the Championship Course is 4 miles, 374 yards or 6.8 Km long.

It stretches between Putney and Mortlake on the River Thames in South West London.

Boat race guide

Where can I watch?

There will be superb viewing spots along the Thames. Alternatively, Adnams is running a fan park.

Entry is free and fans can cheer the rowers on from the riverbank as they pass or watch on the big screen.

Who has won the most races?

Cambridge extended their overall lead in last year to make it 82-79 in the 188-year history of the event.

The one and only draw in the match came in 1877 with a dead heat finish. 

Cambridge celebrate last year's win by throwing men's and women's coxes into the Thames  Credit: Reuters 

Who will be rowing?


The Cambridge Men's crew  Credit: Getty Images 

Ben Ruble, 87.3 kg

Freddie Davidson, 81.9 kg

James Letten, 106.5 kg

Tim Tracey, 97.4 kg

Aleksander Malowany, 94.4 kg

Patrick Eble, 90.4 kg

Lance Tredell, 94.3 kg

Henry Meek, 95.4 kg

Hugo Ramambason, 55.3 kg


Oxford men's crew pose for their pre-race photo Credit: Getty Images 

William Warr (bow), 94.2 kg

Matthew O’Leary, 74.8 kg

Oliver Cook, 91.7 kg

Joshua Bugajski, 99.2 kg

Olivier Siegelaar, 101.2 kg

Michael DiSanto, 89.9 kg

James Cook, 84 kg

Vassilis Ragoussis, 86.6 kg

Sam Collier, 59.8 kg

The Boat Race

Anything else we should know?

The flotilla follows the two boats down the River Thames  Credit: Flotilla 

There had been some concern that the race might not go ahead at all this year after the Port of London Authority expressed concerns that the famous flotilla that follows the race could catch fire.

According to the Port of London Authority, the body responsible for safety on the river, many of the historic wooden support craft - including the Cambridge University launch Amaryllis - are in danger of being set on fire by their own petrol engines. 

David Searle, executive director of the Boat Race Company Ltd, which organises the annual regatta, said that the company was attempting to resolve the issue but could not confirm whether the flotilla or future sponsorship of the event would be affected.

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