Bobby Flay's Twist On Deviled Eggs Is Packed With Tangy Flavor

deviled eggs with shrimp
deviled eggs with shrimp - Silvia ND/Shutterstock

Deviled eggs are a classic, crowd-pleasing appetizer made with a few household staples. The traditional recipe refills boiled egg whites with a mixture of mayonnaise, mustard, and egg yolks for a rich, creamy texture and tangy flavor. While there's nothing wrong with a classic recipe, the dish provides plenty of room for variation and experimentation, and an especially creative and delicious twist comes from James Beard-award-winning celebrity chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay.

In a recipe shared with Food & Wine, Flay tweaks the classic recipe with cornichons and pickled shrimp, which supply a powerful tart punch as well as a crunch bite to the yolk filling. Cornichons, also a delicious additive for egg salad, are pickled gherkins, characterized by a sweet and sour flavor and a super crisp texture. Meanwhile, pickled shrimp are known for their acidic, bright flavor and savory tang, which complements their umami profile.

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Pickling Shrimp And Other Tweaks To Complement Tangy Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs arranged on a rustic wood cutting board
deviled eggs arranged on a rustic wood cutting board - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Cornichons are easy enough to find at any grocery store, but pickled shrimp are a scratch-made project. Luckily, pickling is a straightforward, ancient method that isn't hard to execute.

To start, simmer an acid, whole spices, aromatics, and salt in water for about five minutes to create the pickling brine. Then, while the brine cools to room temperature, boil deveined shrimp for around two minutes and blanch them in cold water to inhibit further cooking. Once both the shrimp and brine are at room temperature, you can add the shrimp to the brine in a sealable jar to sit overnight in the refrigerator.

Flay mirrors the flavorful pickling brine in his deviled eggs recipe by folding similar fresh herbs and spices to the yolk mixture, including whole grain mustard seed, chives, and fresh dill. Whole grain mustard, instead of yellow mustard, adds more heat to pair with the tangy ingredients while also providing another delightful textural component.

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