Bobby Wagner's protestor smackdown, Tom Brady's marriage, Geno Smith's redemption & one insane fake Ravens trade

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The biggest hit on Monday night's game between the Los Angeles Rams & San Francisco 49ers wasn't recorded in the official stat sheet. During a stoppage in play, Rams LB Bobby Wagner tackled a protester who had made his way onto the field in what at first was a viral moment for NFL Twitter. On Wednesday, TMZ reported that the protester has now filed assault charges against Wagner. Yahoo's Charles Robinson & Charles McDonald kick off the podcast discussing the wild twists of this story, if you assume risk of being decked by an NFL player when you run on a field or if Bobby Wagner was out of line for taking the agitator down.

There was also a game on Monday night, in which the Rams lost to San Francisco 24-9. The guys try to diagnose what is wrong with the defending Super Bowl champs this year.

Later in the show, Robinson & McDonald analyze the latest in Tom Brady's off-the-field issues as reports indicate he may be getting divorced, Seattle Seahawk Geno Smith's late-career resurgence, why the Atlanta Falcons should think about starting Desmond Ridder over Marcus Mariota & which overlooked WR the Baltimore Ravens should trade for.

Finally, the guys close out the show previewing a trio of key Week 5 games.

0:25 Bobby Wagner tackles protestor on MNF, who later files assault charges

9:05 What is wrong with the LA Rams?

21:05 Tom Brady's marriage

31:00 Geno Smith's late-career resurgence

39:15 Why the Falcons should start Desmond Ridder

49:10 One fake Baltimore Ravens WR trade

57:30 Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Rams preview

61:45 Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals preview

66:05 Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens preview

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