Bollywood hunk who slept with his girlfriend's mother

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This brawny model-turned-actor had a roaring affair in the late 1990s with a bombshell of an actress just to break into Bollywood circles. The actress came from a Bollywood family and had access to the upper crust of the industry. She had also dabbled in modelling and through those social circles she came in contact with this dashing male model who was doing advertisements and music videos, but had serious movie ambitions.

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All this is totally normal for the glamour industry. But here is where things turned interesting. Not only was the beefcake model going out with the bombshell actress he was also having a passionate fling with her mother, also a former actress and a stunner in her heyday.

Soon after managing to enter Bollywood, the male star dumped both the bombshell actress and her mother. Then he hitched his bandwagon to a dusky beauty with whom he had made his Bollywood debut in a steamy movie. After going strong for many years, they separated and later married different persons.

While the actor has now become producer and has evolved into doing content-rich roles/movies, the dusky beauty's career was all but over after she was married.

Can you guess who these people are?

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