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Book your stay in one of Getaway’s remote, tiny cabins for 40% off this Travel Tuesday — they’re located all around the U.S.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a city girl through and through. I’ve never slept in a tent or done any form of camping, and I don’t need to try it. But occasionally, I do like to get out of the hustle and bustle to go somewhere quieter for a weekend. That’s kind of the idea behind Getaway, a tiny cabin vacation rental company.

If you’ve heard of Getaway and have been wanting to try it, book now. The company has extended its major Cyber Monday sale. You can save 40% off all stays now through September 2024 with code CYBER40. The Getaway Cyber Monday deal ends tonight, Nov. 29, on Getaway’s website, though, so you only have today to think about it.

Credit: Getaway
Credit: Getaway

If you haven’t heard of Getaway, you may have seen a photo on social media of one of its cabins with its signature big window looking out into the forest (like this one). It really is picturesque.

Getaway has remote, tiny cabins stationed all around the U.S. just outside 29 major cities. They’re usually only a couple hours’ drive, so it’s easy to go for a weekend. You may even take a getaway in the middle of the week. If you think you’re going to work remotely from one of the cabins, think again — most of them do not have Wi-Fi, and there’s limited cell service. But hey, that’s kind of the point. Each cabin even comes with a cell phone lockbox if you want to really go off the grid.

That said, what it’s lacking in cell service, it makes up for in scenery and amenities. Think of it like remote glamping. Each cabin comes with a queen bed or bunk bed, a hot shower, a private toilet, a two-burner stove, sink and drinking water, air conditioner and heat, cookware and some provisions. Each cabin also comes with a fire pit, grill grate, picnic table and chairs for cooking outdoors. And, if you have a dog, you can bring them for a $50 fee.

While each Getaway outpost is remote, you aren’t totally alone out there. There’s a landline in each cabin for emergencies, and actually, there are multiple cabins at each outpost. While the company spaces them to make them feel secluded, you may see your neighbors through the trees occasionally.

Nights in a Getaway cabin usually range between $150 and $900, depending on the time of year and chosen location. Right now, it seems that staying in January and other winter months is more expensive than staying in the summertime. But either way, today you can book your stay for 40% off. Just don’t forget to use code CYBER40 at checkout. Hey, maybe a little downtime in the woods after the holidays could be just what you need to kick off your new year.

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