Boris expects Games boost for cycling

Mayor Boris Johnson is hoping cycling will be a big part of a wider legacy after the success of this summer's London 2012 Olympic Games.

Boris expects Games boost for cycling

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Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Team GB and Paralympic GB cycling teams raced to a total of 34 medals across the summer, with the success hoped to inspire a new generation of people to take to their bikes.

And after appointing himself chairman of the London Legacy Development Corporation, Mr Johnson wants new cycling routes at the heart of a ‘green’ redevelopment of what will be renamed the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which will have affordable housing.

“The Olympic Park is going to be a fantastic place to live with bio-diverse habitats, park lands and new cycle routes spanning a total of 35 kilometres,” said Mr Johnson, who is now in his second term as Mayor.

“Our target for transport by bicycle in the area is five percent, but that still may be under-ambitious.

“It is the biggest new green area in Great Britain, and we are keen to take full advantage of that fact in its redevelopment.

“The housing won’t be the same as usual – it’s going to be very best of London, inspired by the great 18th century Georgian terraces and squares that people love about London, but updated for modern living.”

Mr Johnson, speaking at the first Mayoral questions after the Games – which he believes have increased London’s popularity – insisted that the legacy will be felt in a lot of areas.

Having pledged the creation of 200,000 jobs before the Games, the Mayor stressed that a post-Olympics boost in employment would not just be due to short-term contracting.

And with Transport for London confirming disabled access ramps will be left at 16 stations, Mr Johnson was positive that more could be kept.

He said: “Temporary jobs at the Games have been of great benefit to people’s CVs.

“To get them into long-term employment we are supporting a Games graduate network as a way of attracting London’s employers.

“A great many people have already been taken on with the benefit of having had wonderful experience.

“We asked for a list of things we can do to get greater TFL legacy, and it may well be that we can extend the ramps to a further 17 stations.”

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