Formula 1 - Boullier fears hasty F1 cuts

Formula 1 teams must not be rushed into agreeing cost-cutting changes simply for the sake of it - despite a deadline looming in the next 48 hours to get new regulations in place for the start of 2013.


That is the view of Lotus team principal and FOTA vice-chairman Eric Boullier, who thinks more damage than good will be done if teams are too hasty in coming up with plans that do not work.

The FIA has laid down a June 30 deadline for agreement on a raft of rule changes – including further restrictions on testing, new personnel limits and the governing body getting involved in the policing of a Resource Restriction Agreement.

Although Boullier is encouraged by the fact that all the sport's major players are intent of pushing through cost cuts, he is also wary that bad decisions now could be damaging.

"It is good that everybody in the paddock understands that we need to be thinking carefully about the future of F1," he told AUTOSPORT.

"But we definitely need to take the right decision, and we definitely do not need to rush into a decision that we might regret.

"We made some decisions already in the past which cost us money now; and may cost us more money in the future. So we need to make sure that we go the right way and don't rush."

The June 30 deadline is important because it is the last date by which rule changes can be made for 2013 without the need for unanimous approval from the teams.

Currently, Red Bull and Toro Rosso are not in line with other teams over the scope of the RRA – meaning that either could block any changes for 2013if matters are not sorted before July 1.

Boullier is well aware of the importance of a swift resolution to the matter, but thinks that the speed by which the matter needs to be resolved should not be viewed as more important than doing the right thing.

"There is the June 30 limit in terms of the voting system, but it is not because we have to close the debate in a few days. It's that we have to take a decision that has not been carefully thought through," he said.

"We are all in favour of making F1 better, more sustainable and having a long term plan. Cost-cutting is part of the strategy, but we need to do it consciously."

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