Bouncer shows what he does with fake IDs: 'Not all heroes wear capes'

A bouncer showed what he does with fake IDs by filming a live example.

Zevan Hunt is a bouncer and “professional fighter” from Oklahoma. When someone tried to enter his bar using a fake ID, he recorded the incident as it unfolded.

“I get questions a lot: what do I do when I get a fake ID?” Hunt said. “Well, I’ll show you. So typically when I get a fake ID, I’ll let them know.”

He told the man and the woman behind him that the ID the woman gave him was fake. She denied it.

“And that’s the typical response,” Hunt said. “And then I tell them, well if that’s so, then why can I rip the fake ID in half?”

He then peeled the fake ID apart into two pieces. The woman asked for it back, but he refused. She told him that it worked everywhere except Hunt’s bar.

“Yep,” Hunt replied. “It’s probably because we’re better than everyone else.”

The video received 9.5 million views and 2.3 million likes on TikTok.

“OK but someone did this with my REAL ID and I had to call the cops,” a user said.

“This is quite literally the funniest thing I’ve seen ever,” a person wrote.

“The mood change when they realized they were the example,” a TikToker replied.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” another commented.

“I have a question. I had a real ID and it bent like that (Indiana),” someone added.

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