Boxing - Alan Higgins building for a big 2014

Unbeaten Kentish Town prospect Alan Higgins (4-0) takes the next step in his professional career on the 11th May at the Camden Centre, Kings Cross when he faces Trowbridge's Dan Blackwell (3-18) over six threes.

Boxing - Higgins, Qato and Stapulionis set for York Hall

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Alan Higgins building for a big 2014

It’s been a fast start for Higgins, who aims to use the remainder of 2013 as a stepping stone before he attempts to put a stranglehold on the domestic middleweight scene in 2014.

Alan made his debut at the York Hall in July 2012 and was sitting pretty at 3-0 by the turn of the year. He also managed to squeeze in a four week trip to Finland,  which was strictly boxing business. All in all, its been a dream start for the 24 year old Londoner

"The Trip to Finland was a great experience. I spent for weeks over there in training camp sparring against former EU champ Juho Haapoja and Niko Jokinen. Then getting to fight live on TV in a huge arena was a real buzz.“

Alan's first three adversaries failed to make it to the final bell of their scheduled four round contests. Thanks to early wins over Emmanuel Moussinga, Richard Hajdu and Matteo Cecchetto, people were starting to notice Alan. Three wins with three KO's is the perfect way for a young prospect to attract some attention.

“Getting three stoppages in my first three fights was amazing. I didn’t get many stoppages in the amateurs so I couldn’t believe it when I blitzed my first three opponents. Accuracy is key in boxing,” pointed out Higgins.

“The way my punches are landing is almost perfect and it’s hurting my opponents. I think I am getting a bit of a dig on me but I really feel my speed and accuracy is what’s responsible for getting the job done.”

Whilst Alan's results have been exemplary, his 4-0 record does not show how he has adapted as a pro. It's important that young boxers make progress with every fight. So, if they improve their records to around the 10-0 mark then head into the realms of Area title fights, they should be ready. Alan feels he is settling into the professional side of the sport well.

“The more fights I have the more I feel at home as a pro. I feel like I am shaking off my amateur background and am feeling much more confident. I have been sparring with James DeGale in the build up for this one and I need to continue to step up levels as I progress.

“I was hoping to stop Jason Ball in my last fight but that fight went the whole six rounds, which I suppose is not a bad thing as I also need to get rounds in at this stage of my career. That fight really opened my eyes to the professional game, it wasn’t an easy fight. Jason certainly comes to win in every fight.

“During that fight I had a plan to keep him on the back foot and keep my work rate high. If Jason Ball gets his momentum going then he can cause you all sorts of problems.“

As we head towards the second half of 2013, Alan recognises he has to push hard and keep active to achieve the goals he's set himself. He isn’t tied down by a promotional contract at this stage of his career, and being a free agent allows Alan to fight on any promoters show, which should help him get out several more times this year.

“I would like to get to 10-0 in 2013. If something like a southern area title comes up that will be good but I just want to keep on winning. I think we are really building up for 2014 which can be a massive year for me.

“I am happy being a free agent right now so I can just continue to build my record. At the moment I am not signed to any specific promoter so hopefully in 2014 I can sign with a big promoter with a TV deal who can get me the big fights I want.”

After the Blackwell contest on May 11, Alan is scheduled to fight Gilson De Jesus on the 29th June at the York Hall.

Picture: Alan Higgins wins by KO at 1:33 of round two against Italian Matteo Cecchetto in November last year at the York Hall. Photo by Bernard Miller for BoxRec News.  

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