Boxing - Harrison destroyed by Wilder in 55 seconds

Yet again, Audley Harrison’s ring entrance lasted considerably longer than his fight.

Boxing - Unbeaten heavyweight Wilder charged with assault

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Deontay Wilder drops Audley Harrison in Sheffield (Scott Heavey/Getty)

This effort, which saw him stopped after only 70 seconds, will surely test even his seemingly unshakeable self-belief. It might not, but it should.

American Deontay Wilder had ‘A Force’ in trouble the first time he connected which was, coincidentally, the first time he threw any punches in anger.

A right hook did some damage and Harrison sagged in a neutral corner, no longer in control of his senses. Wilder continued to wing away even when Harrison was down, inaccurately thank goodness, and an angry Terry O’Connor pulled him away to administer the count.

Harrison bravely struggled to his feet at a count of eight. O’Connor took a look and decided that he was in no position to continue. Harrison had regained some of his faculties by then and began to protest but O’Connor was right. Only a dangerous amount of punishment was heading his way, as well as more embarrassment.

Wilder, who did his reputation as a banger no harm, even if it was ‘only’ Audley, moves to 28-0. Harrison presumably moves back to his California home. He has now been knocked out by both bronze medallist from Beijing 2008 in a grand total of 2 minutes 32 seconds (David Price being the other).

Have we seen the last of Audley? Don’t bet on it.

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