Boxing - Booth confirms 'definite' comeback for Haye

With the build up to Froch v Groves II nearing its peak, Groves’ ex-trainer/mentor Adam Booth took the opportunity to confirm rumours that former world heavyweight champion David Haye is "definitely" making another comeback.

Boxing - David Haye convinced he can still be fast and furious

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David Haye

Booth told the Daily Express: “It’s 100 per cent true. David Haye is coming back. We will not be making any big announcement but David has been given the all clear by his medical people and he wants to fight again. We plan to get back in the ring before the end of the year and preferably by October.

Booth continued: “David has started training and there is no need to keep this a secret any longer. He has been trying to recuperate for five and a half months and only now has he been given the all clear to fight again.

Haye’s fans will be cheered, especially after last years’ surprise shoulder surgery not only scuppered a rescheduled meeting with Tyson Fury, but also led to doctor’s advising Haye to ‘seriously consider’ retirement.

Haye was no stranger to this. After his disappointing loss to Wladimir Klitschko in 2011, Haye retired, saying it had always been his intention to get out of boxing by the time he reached 31 years of age. He pronounced: “Today's date is Thursday, October 13, 2011 and I've just turned 31 years of age. As the clock struck 12 last night, my professional boxing career came to an end.”

But that would have been an incredible anticlimax to an otherwise successful and lucrative career, and so a year later, an attempt to goad Vitali Klitschko into a fight ended with Haye smashing a bottle in the face of Finchley heavy Dereck 'Del Boy' Chisora, who had just put in a much better performance against the Ukrainian champion than Haye did against his brother. In the fracas at the post-fight press conference, Haye also lamped his trainer Adam Booth with a tripod, presumably by accident.

The sparkle in Frank Warren’s eye hypnotised Haye out of retirement to meet Chisora at Upton Park in 2012. A conclusive fifth round stoppage went some way to repairing his ring reputation, but only a fight with a Klitschko would really do.

Haye couldn’t get one, and so after a brief stint in the Australian outback, the ‘seeds were sown’ for Haye to plot a path to become mandatory challenger within a couple of fights. He was supposed to fight Germany based Lebanese Manuel Charr in June last year on Sky, and then signed an agreement to work with Matchroom. Haye withdrew from the Charr fight with an injury of some description and then a lucrative Sky Box Office domestic dust-up with Tyson Fury was announced for September.

Although the fight gave various boxing media outlets something to say for the next few weeks, Haye suffered a nasty looking cut in sparring eight days before the fight, and it hastily rescheduled for February. By November, that was scuppered when Haye’s shoulder went under the surgeon’s knife, revealed by a picture posted on Twitter with Haye akip in a hospital bed sporting tubes and an elaborate looking sling.

The sling got more airtime in November as Haye was part Sky’s team to provide comment for Froch v Groves first meeting. No doubt Haye will be part of the media team on Saturday, and we will get to hear more about his planned return and the all clear from his medical advisors. Apparently, he's been training for a while now.

There is already talk of Haye meeting the winner of the British and European title fight between Dereck Chisora and Tyson Fury, which takes place at the Manchester MEN on July 23rd. But with a world title shot being dangled as a carrot for the winner, it wouldn’t seem likely. In any case, a Haye-Chisora return doesn’t appeal and Team Fury will be reluctant to arrange another date with the Hayemaker after twice being jilted.

Everyone loves a heavyweight, and there’s no doubt that the return of Haye will further invigorate the lively UK scene, but he might find it difficult to get the fights he wants, especially when and where he wants them.

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