Boxing - Byrne too experienced for Little; Ellett and Matthews crack on in Camden

Friday night's action at the Camden Centre, headlined by Ahmet Patterson's win over Phil Gill, was kicked off with a sixth appearance in the UK for Irish Lightnin' Dean Byrne (16-2-1). The former Freddie Roach pupil, who now trains at Miguel's Gym in Brixton under Paul Dougboe, was matched against Driffield novice Danny Little (2-0), who was good value, but easily out-boxed by Byrne.

Boxing - Byrne too experienced for Little; Ellett and Matthews crack on in Camden

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Byrne too experienced for Little; Ellett and Matthews crack on in Camden

Byrne's (10st 12lbs) opening shots made the experience gap apparent. The Dubliner showed off his fast hands, especially when delivering solid single hooks to the body of rookie Little (10st 1lbs). At the start of the third, a quick left hook put Little down (ruled a slip) and Byrne piled on the pressure. But the Yorkshireman didn't crumble despite having no early answer to Byrne's work.

In fact, Little was durable and launched a game assault in the fifth which pushed Byrne back a little, but the Irish Lightnin' is very effective from the back foot, as he proved against Carson Jones in December last year. He moved out of Little's range comfortably.

Little had another go in the final round, but couldn't bridge the class divide. The only real mistake Byrne made was having his name spelt wrong on his shorts - Bryne - spotted by the eagle-eyed-action-man MC Mark Schmid.

Referee Robert Williams scored 60-54 for Byrne, who is looking to push on with new promoter Mickey Helliet after a stop-start career. Byrne's two losses have come against Frenchman Frank Haroche Horta in Manchester (when he stepped in at extremely late notice after Frankie Gavin pulled out at the eleventh hour) and a close call with Hertfordshire's Terry Holmes.  Despite fading a little in the final two rounds, he also deserved the nod against Jones when he stepped in a late notice again after Kell Brook withdrew from the first rematch. Brook fights Jones next weekend in Hull.

Next was a nice little matchup between Brighton's Lloyd Ellett (10-0) against Scouser Sean Lewis (4-1) over six threes, and somebody's O went. Ellett (10st 12lbs) started explosively, but Lewis (10st 11lbs) lived with the pace and by the second had started to respond to Ellett's advances positively.

Close range exchanges opened a cut on the top of Lewis's head, but this perhaps was the catalyst for his most positive spell in the third. He continued ploughing forward in the fourth, but was out maneuvered by Ellett who was fully warmed up and launching tidy jabs and one-two's from the back foot.

The fifth session was again edged by Ellett, but the Hove fighter, enjoying vocal support at the Camden Centre, couldn't budge a tough Lewis, who had his moments in the closing round too. Richie Davies scored 59-55 for Ellett.

Birkenhead's Lewis put a good shift in, and shouldn't feel too disheartened with the loss. He was the first with a positive record that Ellett has faced, and the Brighton fighter needs challenges likes this as he approaches eight, ten and twelve round territory.

After a bad cut turned their first meeting into a technical draw, Watford's Elliott Matthews got the opportunity to avenge the only mini-blip on his now 8-0-1 slate by outpointing Bulgarian Raimonds Sniedze (8-15-2), who clearly didn't want to know after seeing how determined Matthews was to stop him.

Matthews (12st 2lbs 12oz) started quickly, pressing the action with double jabs and pushing Sniedze (12st 8oz) back to the ropes. Sniedze's best effort of the fight was a right in the second, but Matthews wasn't wobbled and the pair moved towards the ropes in hold.

Matthews boxed like a man possessed. He put Sniedze down in the third, which triallist ref Gino Piccininno ruled a slip, but it was a punch that caused it for me. When Sniedze went down again from a similar shot, this time rookie had no choice but to administer the count.

Combinations from Matthews culminated in another count for Sniedze from a left hook. He continued to stalk Sniedze around the ring and got more aggressive as the fight progressed, looking for the stoppage. This led to lots of holding from Sniedze, and Rookie ref Gino was right to take a point off.

Sniedze could see that Matthews wasn't letting up in his attempts to cause damage, and ran away for the majority of the fifth and sixth rounds.  Another point was taken off for holding, and perhaps a less lenient referee would have slung Sniedze out. Richie Davies scored 60-50 from ringside - two points off for holding and two from knockdowns.

Swanley's Leon Senior (9-1) has got an appointment with Minster's Dan Woodgate coming up in September for the Southern Area light heavyweight belt, but tonight's opponent, Lithuanian Egidijus Kakstys (3-14-2), didn't really provide anything other than target practice.

Senior (12st 7lbs) was composed in the first and stuck out a stiff jab, which Kakstys (12st 11lbs) felt along with a stinging body shot at the end of the round. Kakstys' face was increasingly reddened by Senior's jabs, and he looked uncomfortable with the speed of the shots coming his way. Senior launched ten unanswered just before the bell sounded.

Kakstys delivered some better work in the third, which made for a much more even round, but Senior was in the ascendancy in the second half and Kakstys looked like he wouldn't be able to cope with too much more.

But the Lithuanian rallied in the fourth, and although Senior was still much more aggressive, he appeared to tire a little in the middle of the round before turning it on in the last twenty seconds. More of the same featured in the fifth and sixth - Senior coasted to a 60-54 win on Referee Rob Williams' slate. Woodgate against Senior is a cracking Southern Area matchup.

In his second fight back since a shock KO loss to Arturs Geikins last October, Warren 'Fearless' Fenn (5-1) was in with Lithuanian Andrej Cepur (6-17-1), and applied a fair amount of pressure in the opener - there were signs of an early stoppage with nothing coming back from Cepur (11st 1lb).

But the Lithuanian made himself more of a tricky target in the second and got through with a couple of jabs. Fenn (11st 4lbs) was a bit more economical with his bursts of aggression in the first half of the third, which drew smiles from Cepur, but only until the Latvian was caught by a ferocious flurry in the closing seconds of the session.

Cepur managed to find Fenn's chin seconds after the bell sounded to begin the closing round, but that lent weight to Fenn's hunting for the stoppage. This came via a left hook to the body, which put the Lithuanian down and in considerable pain. He rose, but there was no way triallist referee Gino Piccininno could let him continue. He waved it off at 2.47. Cepur received oxygen in the corner, and Fenn finds his stoppage form.

One of the best things about regular attendance at small hall boxing shows is witnessing young fighters improve and develop their styles. Peckham Pexican Johnny Garton (9-0) is another fighter approaching his first ten rounder, and the popular Millwall fan now shows several facets to his game, which were put to use against the tricky and game Slovakian Ivan Godor (13-32-4).

Garton (10st 12lbs) looked a lot bigger than Godor (10st 5lbs), and the Pexican boxed intelligently and patiently in the opening rounds, displaying a useful jab and good footwork. He planted a solid right cross on Godor just before the bell to end the second, but absored back foot combinations from Godor in the third as the Slovakian started to put some better work together.

The experienced Godor had an energetic fifth round and got through with some swift combination shots, but they lacked pop, which enabled Garton to walk through them with a smile on his face.

Despite not experiencing too much pressure in his fights so far, you get the impression Garton is pretty durable. He outworked the Slovakian in the sixth, before an energetic tear-up started in the seventh, and spilled over into in the closing round. Godor was a game opponent, and didn't stop throwing until even until after the bell.

Richie Davies scored 80-72 for Garton.  BoxRec News gave Godor the closer and a share of the fifth, scoring 79-74.

Despite making most of the running, Bushey debutant Tony Milch wasn't effective against tricky Bulgarian Danny Dontchev (4-59-1), who was coming off the back of a draw which he won (apparently).

The fight made for difficult viewing. This wasn't necessarily Milch's (10st 11lbs) fault, who put together some nice shots, but he couldn't pin a livelier-than-usual Dontchev (10st 11lbs) down. With a smile on his face, the bobbing Bulgarian avoided the heavier shots and gave Milch a difficult dayboo. Robert Williams scored 40-36, which Dontchev caused a little chuckle from Dontchev.

Popular Berkshire cruiserweight debutant Marley Churcher sports a arty boxing gloves tattoo on his back, and should probably be competing at light heavy. He was a little slow to deliver anything accurate against the much lighter but taller Latvian Olegs Lopajevs (1-4) but he didn't lack aggression in his attempts.

The second was scrappy, and a few hasty low blows came in from Churcher (13st 13lbs) as he strived to provide his patient fans with a knockout. After he launched a bludgeoning assault, rookie ref Gino Piccininno took a point off Lopajevs (13st 2lbs) in the third for holding. A body shot in the fourth put Lopajevs down but he was quickly back up.

Too quickly. Churcher's next assault caused him to sink to the canvas. Rookie ref waved it off at 1.39. Not a great spectacle, but Churcher's fans went home happy with the stoppage, ending another value-for-money card in Camden.

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