Boxing - Celtic duo Barnes and Selby are on song in Almaty

Ireland's flyweight Paddy Barnes faced strong opponent Simon Nzioki of Kenya in order to progress to the quarter-finals, and stunned the arena when he knocked his opponent down with a huge left hook that was timed to perfection. His opponent almost ran into the blow which dropped him almost exactly on the one minute mark of the very first round.

Boxing - Celtic duo Barnes and Selby are on song in Almaty

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Celtic duo Barnes and Selby are on song in Almaty

"I've been mixing my training up and trying different things in the build-up to Rio. But I'm feeling strong", said the Irishman.

"Becoming World Champion is more important to me than the Olympics".

Welshman Andrew Selby took on Gerardo Tejeria of Cuba at flyweight. This one was always going to be good and round one was an extremely fast affair indeed.

Selby as ever looked bouncy on his toes, while the Cuban took the centre of the ring. As a boxer who can switch stance, Selby made excellent use of the space available to him while the Cuban looked solid in the exchanges. The Celtic boxer was too mobile for Tejeria to really pin down and hit! However, towards the end of the second, the Cuban finally cornered the former British Lionhearts boxer and managed to vent some of his frustration. Selby looked good again going into the third. He even felt confident enough to begin some of his usual fancy footwork and showboating.

For all that he is fast, he is not immune to getting caught though, and Tejeria would occasionally clip him as he tried to slip away. Selby became increasingly flamboyant as the final round went on and he literally danced rings around his opponent. Love it or loath it, Selby was able to pull it off.

 "I said after my last fight that I didn't box that well but I was happy with that one", said the Welshman.

"As the tournament goes on, I'll be getting better and better. He is a very good boxer but in the end I made him look ordinary".

In response to criticism of his antics, he explained: "I don't dance around to be an arrogant person; I do it because it frustrates the [opposition] boxer and forces them to make mistakes. Then we are friends afterwards. That's the way I've always been".

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