Boxing - Evans wins Welsh scrap at Winter Gardens

Holyhead's Mark Evans beat Chuck Jones for the Welsh Super Featherweight title.

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Winter Gardens - Blackpool

Evans (9st 3lbs) started well but picked up a cut in a cagey opener. As the bout progressed Evans was the busier and he forged ahead in rounds two and three.

The fourth round was a cracker as Jones (9st 3lbs) landed some beautiful counters - testimony to the talent he seems to be squandering thus far as a professional. It was his first real foothold in the fight and he looked to be taking the play away from Mark Evans.

Jones continued to have success in the fifth nicking that round on my card with his more economic boxing. The sixth was a very close round with Evans starting brighter and then Jones taking over in the last 45 seconds,

It was really a case of Evans solid hard work against the talent and counter punching of Jones. Round seven was more of an Evans round but he still took some solid returns from Chuck. Finally in the eighth Evans looked to have taken control of the contest. Perhaps buoyed by the finishing line being in site he raised the pace to a point where Jones could no longer match it.

Jones looked out of gas and out of ideas in the ninth but landed some solid shots at the start of the final round before Evans came back at him again to finish the stronger.

I scored it 98-92 Evans, but more importantly referee Winifred Jones had it 98-95 in favour of the unbeaten Hollyhead fighter. Quality trainer Gary Booth must have being thrilled with his fighters victory and rightly so, but I couldn't help but feel for the Chuck Jones who played his part in an excellent battle and genuinely looks one of the tidiest boxers with a losing record I've ever seen.

Gary Ormond and Bheki Moyo opened the show with a briskly fought four-threes. Ormond (10st 11lbs) from Middleton was making his professional debut and showed nice variety throughout. Although South African born Londoner Bheki (10st 2lbs) is now without a win in 58 contests, he contributed well to an entertaining contest and certainly finished the stronger despite giving away a sizable weight advantage to his novice opponent. Referee Steve Gray scoring the bout 39-37.

Next up was Middleton's Matty Ryan against Drew Campbell from Colchester. Winifred Jones, in his final year as a referee scored in favour of Matty Ryan 40-36 to well received applause. Ryan (11st), tall and very well schooled, used the jab extremely well early on allowing for opportunities to land a good mix of short and long range punches. Campbell bled from the nose from the start of the second and was greatly troubled by the Middleton mans all round ability. Ryan simply was the sharper at long range and made it awfully hard work for Drew to close range. When Campbell did to close distance he had more success but his moments were very few and far between. Ryan looks to have good potential.

Penrith's Ricky Skelton (11st 2lbs) extended his unbeaten run to five with a well fought 39-37 points victory over Preston's tough Simon Jenkinson (11st 3lbs) . Jenkinson started well, keeping his composure and landing a nice right hand to finish the first. But Skelton bossed thereafter, using his flashy southpaw style to good effect. Jenkinson never looked in any danger of being stopped but Skelton was just a little more refined and was a good winner.

Middleton's Liam Taylor (10st 7lbs) moved to 7-0 with a neatly boxed win over tough Bulgarian journeyman Danny Dontchev (10st 10lbs) over six rounds. Taylor boxed within himself, dictating the pace with a well placed jab and occasionally mixing in fast combinations. His movement and tight defence also served him well over a very negative opponent. Sloppy footwork saw Dontchev put himself on the deck in the fifth. Steve Gray scored it 60-53.

Another debutant Ashley Pevton (10st) was too good all round for fellow novice Luke Walker (10st 1lb). Walker was on the deck in the first but battled back well to last the course. He was hurt again in the third - each time right hands doing the damage. Walker looked competent but defensively was very raw and will need to be matched with care going forward. Pevton bossed the contest and mixed the power of his shots well. His overhand right in particular catching the eye. 40-35.

Explosive Isaac Lowe (9st 3lbs) from Morcombe impressed again, blasting out Coventry's Arran Flynn (9st 4lbs) in one round. Flynn was sent to the deck twice in quick succession firstly by a left hook and then a left hook to the body. Lowe looks a real prospect.

Southport's Scott Moonan scored a very impressive first round stoppage win over Birmingham's tough Andrew Patterson. Moonan started cautiously before trapping Patterson on the ropes unleashing a tremendous flurry of shots. Patterson was undoubtably in trouble but referee Jones was a tiny bit premature stopping a fighter noted for his durability. Moonan won't care though - he moves to 2-1 with another impressive stoppage and he definitely looks to be improving.

I can think of easier fighters then Chorley's Jack Catterall (10st 7lbs) to make your debut against, but the manager of Cardiff's Tom Price (10st 6lbs) saw fit to take that risk. Unsurprisingly, it didn't pay off for the Welsh fighter as Caterall stopped him in the third with a lovely body shot. Price looked a capable fighter while it lasted but Caterall was far too good and continues his rise.

Bentham's Toni Tatham (12st 11lbs) tried his very best to make tricky Scunthorpe journeyman Jody Meikle (13st 4lbs) his fourth consecutive stoppage victim. But despite landing several heavy punches it wasn't to be. Meikle was on the retreat throughout and Tatham, who looks to have real power, wasn't creative enough to trap him.

Meikle brought chuckles from those at ringside with his antics before, during and after the contest which included sticking his tongue out during the rounds, waving at someone who called him a mug mid-round, raising his arms in victory as the decision was read out and then posing mid ring for photographs. Meikle is certainly one of the more enjoyable journeymen on the scene and has a steely determination to go with his ungainly style. 39-38.

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