Boxing - Froch: I'll fight Groves again 'but it's not my decision'

Carl Froch has said he will grant George Groves a rematch 'if it makes sense' to do so.

Boxing - Froch-Groves II still without a ref after protests

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Froch was knocked down in the first round and was behind on all the scorecards when the referee seemed to award a soft stoppage which saw Froch keep his WBA and IBF super-middleweight titles.

"The rematch is something everyone wants to see. If George really, really wants the rematch which it sounds like he does, and the fans want it, then why not?" said 36-year-old Froch.

"We've got to speak to Eddie Hearn, he's the businessman in this, he's the man who makes these fights happen. It's not my decision to see exactly where I go. But as I've said time and time again, I will fight anybody.

"It's not a question of whether or not I'll fight George Groves again - of course I will. No problem at all. It's just whatever makes sense, not just for me, but for my team around me.

"I'm happy to honour the fans, honour the crowd, honour George Groves with a rematch if my promoter and my trainer both agree that it makes sense. I don't swerve or duck anybody, everybody knows that. Everyone knows what I'm about. I've done it time and time again against top world champions all over the world. If it makes sense then of course we'll get it on, but it's not my decision."

Promoter Hearn said he expected the rematch to take place.

"The fight was one of the best I've ever seen," Hearn told Sky Sports News.

"Let's take the controversy away - the fight was incredible and I think that's what a lot of people should remember as well.

"And because the fight was so good I think it's going to be difficult for Carl Froch to take another fight.

"Fights get made for the demands of the broadcaster and the paying public so if that's what they want, and if Carl Froch is going to fight again, which I believe in my heart of hearts he will, I think the Groves-Froch rematch could be inevitable."

Groves for his part said he would jump at the chance of another fight.

"I'd love a rematch," he told Sky.

"Carl sat down ringside and said let's have it, but watching it back I think he said it because he was hoping for a cheer from the crowd. He probably doesn't want one. I deserve a rematch, for everything I put into the build-up to this.

"I was comfortable from the start, even when the ref jumped in. My feet were under me and I was firing big shots myself. I'm still bemused as to why in a massive world title fight with this much build-up that a ref would end the fight.

"It was an unfair and unjust decision. And if he does decide to box on then his next fight should be a rematch against me. It would be the biggest fight for him out there so there's no reason not to have it. He knows he got more than a lottery ticket last night and I've got the beating of him."

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