Boxing - Fury at career heaviest after nightmare week

Tyson Fury kept his clothes on at the weigh in for his Copper Box clash with American Joey Abell, tipping the scales at a career heavy of 19st 8lbs, while Southpaw Abell weighed 17st 3lbs.

Boxing - Fury at career heaviest after nightmare week

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Tyson Fury

In the week running up to his first fight in ten months, the 6ft 9” Manchester heavy has endured a terrible time with his wife being rushed into hospital for an emergency operation, two of his cars set ablaze and a cut in sparring. 

“It’s been hard, it’s been a very bad week for me,” said Fury.

“I’m just waiting for something else to go wrong now! Hopefully not though! 

“Hopefully I go out there and knock this guy out and go onto my next fight. All of what has gone on is in the past, I look to the future and not what is behind me” he said. 

“The people watching are going to get a knockout – that’s for sure. Joey Abell, they may call him ‘The Iceman’ but I bring the heat - and heat melts ice, baby!” 

Finchley’s European heavyweight champion Dereck Chisora weighed in at 17st, with opponent Kevin Johnson two pounds heavier at 17st 2lbs.

It looks at though the anger management advice dispensed by his mother has been fully heeded. Del Boy’ was the perfect gentleman, and even shook the Kingpin’s hand.

"Johnson's a good strong American fighter with a good reputation, just what I need to make me perform to my best," he said.

"He's a tough boy, he's taken Fury and Klitschko the distance, and if I can become the first man to stop him then it would send a big message to Fury and the rest of the heavyweights out there."

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