Boxing - Gethin seeks advice from Kung Fu coach

British lightweight champion, Martin Gethin, believes he is in the shape of his life as his IBF final eliminator showdown with Ammeth Diaz draws ever nearer.


The Walsall warrior takes on Diaz on Friday, 31st May, topping the bill at Walsall Town Hall.

Gethin has sought the advice of strength and conditioning specialist, Nico Kolokythas, and, after working with the coach every day during his training camp, is beginning to reap the benefits.

“I’m feeling in the best shape I’ve ever been in,” Gethin said. “Nico is teaching me little techniques and has been tweaking my regime to get the best out of me. I can feel the difference.

“Nico has been studying and practicing Kung Fu for 15 years and is Head Coach at the Walsall campus of Wolverhampton University. He has brought elements of his training in to the work he is doing with me.

“He’s looked at my stability and mobility and made me feel extra sharp and super fit.”

The 29 year-old is just one step away from securing the mandatory challenger position to face current IBF champion Miguel Vazquez. Standing between him and that shot is tough Panamanian Ammeth Diaz. The Panama City pugilist has fought 43 times during a 13-year career and goes into the fight with 31 wins and 22 KO’s.

Diaz has been in with a number of world class opponents and went the distance with Vazquez last January. He represents Gethin’s toughest ever challenge but the Quiet Man from the Black Country insists that, like the title of the show, he is ‘Ready To Silence The World’.

“I’m definitely ready,” he added. “It’s the kind of fight a boxer dreams of. Winning the British title in January was a massive thing for me. Now I’m ready to push on again and prove myself at the top level of boxing.

“I’ve worked hard to get to this point. I’ve been a professional boxer for nine years. I’ve had 28 pro fights to get to this point. It’s been a long road but it’s been worth it.

“Everything I’ve got out of boxing has come through hard work and dedication. Nothing has been given to me without a fight, literally.

“Now I’m ready; ready to silence the world and show what I’m capable of.”

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