Boxing - Huck retains cruiserweight belt

Marco Huck has retained his WBO cruiserweight title for the 10th time with a controversial win over Firat Arslan in Halle.

Boxing - Huck retains cruiserweight belt

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Marco Huck punches Firat Arslan during the WBO Cruiserweigh championship fight (Reuters)

The German claimed victory in a 12th-round unanimous decision with scores of 115-113, 115-113 and 117-111, much to the dissatisfaction of the crowd, who felt his compatriot had got the better of him.

At 42 years old, and 15 years Huck’s senior, Arslan still looked very dangerous, unloading big combinations that left his opponent trapped and unable to work.

The former WBA title holder followed this with a mighty left uppercut that saw Huck leave the ring with a bloody nose after the second round.

Huck’s technique arrived in the fifth round and allowed him to make up some ground, before both let loose in a very close final two rounds that could have gone either way.

But though Huck outpointed his competition, the question of who outpunched who remained a point of contention among ringside observers and within Arslan’s camp.

"I've never experienced anything like this decision. I've seldom landed so many clean punches and he only scuffed me,” Arslan said.

“How can such a thing happen? This kind of thing is ruining boxing. I landed so many punches. I think the whole crowd believes I'm the winner. I've been robbed of my win. I would have been the new world champion today, I would have written history."

Huck disagreed, saying: “I'm not a judge. I think I landed more punches."

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