Boxing - Khan undercard: Flannigan and Godding remain unbeaten

Former world champion Nate Campbell looked every one of his 41 years as he retired on his stool after four rounds against Manchester’s Terry Flannigan.

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If Campbell didn’t come to survive unscathed for a few rounds before skedaddling home with a few quid, he did a good impression of someone who did. He spent almost all of the time finding ways of doing nothing, clamping his gloves around his ears every time Flannigan, eighteen years his junior, launched an assault.

Flannigan couldn’t quite believe how inoffensive Campbell was; when the Floridian laid on the ropes refusing to budge or throw anything, Flannigan stood off in case the veteran was playing possum. As it turned out, he wasn’t.

MC Michael Pass announced that Campbell had retired due to an injury to his right hand, but it’s difficult to see how that happened. Ho hum.

Onwards and upwards for Flannigan, a nice boxer who now stands at an impressive 20-0. Campbell returns home at 36-11-1. One suspects the loss didn’t hurt him too much.

Bradley Pryce is definitely in the veteran stage of his career but he gave unbeaten Rick Godding plenty to think about in a sterling losing effort over six rounds at light-middleweight. Pryce did enough to take the opener, pinning Godding on the ropes through sheer will.

Bolton’s Godding slowly turned up the heat from the next round and took the next four sessions. Pryce never let him alone but Godding was the sharper of the pair, picking his shots nicely whilst digging in when he had to.

Pryce used all his experience and roughed Godding up when he could, but the Welshman sported a bloodied nose by the fourth. He ate a big left uppercut in the fifth but, having seen it all before, wasn’t concerned.

The best testament to Pryce’s heart was that he won the last round. A series of big lefts momentarily turned Godding’s alertness to concern but the unbeaten fighter remained so, moving to 19-0-1.

Pryce, on this showing, will still get wins though if he felt like packing up tomorrow, he’s had a super career as it is.

In the show opener, Manchester-based Californian Adrian Gonzalez overwhelmed poor Marc Callaghan, who retired on his stool after two one-sided rounds.

22 year-old Gonzalez did as he liked against the Barking man, 12 years his senior, who doesn’t need any more nights like this quite frankly.

Gonzalez hit Callaghan up and down with both hands. MC Michael Pass cited the reason for the retirement as ‘an old injury to his left shoulder’ – if that was true, all the better, as it stopped Callaghan from further bad treatment. Gonzalez is now 7-1, Callaghan 19-33-1.

21 year-old big man David ‘The Conisbrough White Rhino’ Allen battered poor Bulgarian fellow novice Deyan Mihailov, stopping him towards the end of the first. Switching to a southpaw stance, Allen threw a right uppercut which the already-softened Mihailov didn’t like one bit.

Mr Alexander rightly stepped in. Time, 2:45. Allen moves to 3-0, Mihailov is still looking to get off the mark at 0-3-2.

Manchester-based Pole Tomasz Mazurkiewicz returned after 10 months and boxed a draw against South Yorkshire novice Adam Jones. Mr Gray tallied 38 apiece. Mazurkiewicz started brightly but the taller Jones,from Denaby Main, dug in and found a foothold in the contest.

It was good, honest undercard fare and neither man should be disappointed with the draw though both probably are.

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