Boxing - Lennox Lewis to give David Price a masterclass

Liverpool heavyweight David Price is going right to the top for advice on how to make the most of his ability.


Next weekend, Price and his trainer Franny Smith are travelling to Canada for a training camp with one of the best big men of recent generations, Lennox Lewis.

After Price suffered a shocking early knockout defeat to American Tony Thompson, Lewis sent messages of support to the Olympic bronze medallist and then offered his help towards Price's comeback effort. So the Scouse pair are heading to Toronto to take advantage of Lewis' kind offer, hoping it'll give Price the edge in his July rematch with 'The Tiger'.

Big Len also plans to travel to Liverpool a fortnight before the match and will be ringside on the night itself.

“It is a good opportunity and working with Lewis can only add to my game,” Price told the Liverpool Echo. “I hope some of his knowledge and experience can be passed onto me. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not going to sprinkle some magic dust and everything is going to be okay, because there is a lot of work still to be done. But who better to have around me in the gym than one of the greatest heavyweights to have ever been? It will be a massive inspiration to me.

“Whatever happened in the last fight, we were always planning on bringing someone else on board, just to look at things from a different perspective,” he said. "But this opportunity with Lennox presented itself by him getting in touch and offering me some advice. He said he would like to do some work with me and it went from there. I can’t think of anyone better.

“In future we could go over there and spend a full camp there. But it’ll just be for an extended period this time. Franny is my trainer at the end of the day and Lennox is going to be my mentor and he will bring a lot to the table.

“But just having Lennox Lewis there is not going to make everything magically better. I have got to put the hard work in but it will all go into making an improved me.

“A lot of people got in touch but he stood out because he’s been there, been down and got back up. It was hard for anyone to pick me up, no matter who they were, but it was up to myself to and I did that and I’ve been feeling fantastic in the gym. I’m right back to where I was. But I know what it feels like to taste defeat but I’m marching on.”

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