Boxing - McGuigan respects Cazares but predicts Frampton stoppage

Carl Frampton’s trainer Shane McGuigan respects the potential danger that Mexican veteran Hugo Cazares (40-7-2) brings, but is predicting a mid round stoppage for the Jackal on April 4th in Belfast. He described Cazares as “probably the best fighter we’ve met to date”.


“He’s only been stopped twice in his career and the last time was back in 1999 so he’s not going to get stopped easily,” said McGuigan.

“We have a plan in mind already. and we will probably get him out of there in the mid rounds.”

McGuigan has been monitoring video footage of Cazares, who holds an orthodox stance but likes to switch southpaw. Since turning pro in 1997, he's mixed with a high class of opposition and has held world titles at flyweight and super fly. Cazares moved up to super bantamweight in 2012, and has since notched up four wins at the weight.

“We’ve just got to analyse his previous performances and work out a gameplan, which we’ve already sort of got,” revealed McGuigan.

“Come fight night Carl will destroy him. It will be a tough fight but the difference will be pace, size and Carl’s punching power. It will definitely be tricky for a few of rounds but once Carl even half hits him he’s going to go into his shell and it will only be a matter of time before we take him out of there.

"Hugo’s so experienced, so good at nullifying people's attacks and holding on to get those precious little seconds to survive. It will be an exciting fight but we’ve got to stay on his chest really.”

In their London hideout, McGuigan and Frampton have been joined by new signing Conrad Cummings while Shane is busy identifying the right people needed to replicate the style of ‘El Increible’ Cazares.

“We’re sparring a couple of guys at the moment including one guy who’s only had one pro fight but he fought for Ghana in the Olympics and is very, very talented,” he said.

“Cazares is smaller than Carl and our sparring partner resembles a better Hugo Cazares. We are getting most of our rounds from him but we will be getting in bigger guys because he can’t keep taking the beatings day in and day out because he’s a small man.

"We sparred eight rounds the other day and it’s just about pulling the reigns back at the moment because the fight was originally going to be March 15 and then it got delayed to April 4. We will be ready to fight whenever.”

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