Boxing - Mitchell Buckland captures first strap

19-year-old Mitch Buckland showed maturity and control at the GL1 centre in Gloucester last night to widely outpoint Bridgewater’s game Dean Mills and capture the British Masters Bronze Lightweight title.


The Cardiff teenager dictated the affair from the outset behind a smooth southpaw right jab and kept the shorter Mills out of punching range. Dean attempted to catch the jab on the gloves and launch counters but was always a step behind the former amateur star.

The Bridgewater fighter, coming in off a good February win against returning David Burke in Liverpool, never stopped trying but simply couldn’t get close enough, often enough to make an impact on the scorecards.

Encouragingly for the developing prospect, when Dean did manage to close the range, Buckland was smart enough to hold and nullify Mills’ efforts. Third man Wynford Jones scored 80-73 at the close.

Gloucester’s Andy Harris seemed fortunate to get a wide 40-37 decision over Ferndale’s Chuck Jones in a lightweight four threes.

Harris was very open in the first. His jabs were being caught on the gloves of the shorter more-powerful Welshman. Despite giving Tom Stalker a tough test in his fight, Andy seemed to have trouble putting his attacks together.

The contest was extremely messy and referee Reece Carter gave both fighters a clear brake down of his expectations on several occasions.

To Harris’ credit, he threw a lot of leather in the last round and didn’t let a cut left eye deter him from taking his first win in five (no draws). Jones dips to 4-10-2 (0) and is slated to face Mark Evans for the Welsh Area title in June.

Danny Carter saved his unbeaten record and delighted his hometown supporters when he came from behind and stopped hard-hitting Ashley Mayall in the fourth and final round of a pulsating light-welter affair.

Mayall rushed Carter at the very start and caught him with a peach of a right hand. Although Danny remained upright, a follow up hook was a cracker and it collapsed him face first into a heap. Carter showed great heart in getting up and was frankly fortunate to be given the chance to continue.

Ashley, 10st-1lb and having his second fight after a win in 2011, bundled Carter down again which wasn’t scored a knockdown. However, the reminder of the first session saw the Oldham fighter whip in dangerous right uppercuts from range that would trouble Carter time and again.

Danny didn't work hard enough for me in the second. He seemed momentarily staggered by a straight right and Mayall was again using his long arms to launch hurtful and looping punches into the technically-correct Carter’s southpaw stance. The Gloucester fighter came on well in the third. He was managing to close the range and find a home for his right around the corner of Ashley’s guard.

Behind on my card, Carter pulled out a monster right hand in the fourth to send Mayall crashing halfway through the ropes. He beat the count bravely and then was floored again by a follow up cluster. On rising, the brave Mayall couldn't convince referee Reece Carter that he could continue. The time was 0:49.

Gloucester stylist Todd Roberts edged out Lincoln’s Luke Walker in a four round contest at light-middleweight. Walker scored well with the right hand repeatedly in the opener to bloody the northerner’s nose.

In the second, Todd punished the visitor for leaving his left side open by hammering home right hands that were set up nicely with the jab. Luke, having his second fight after being outpointed on his debut, tried to work the body in the third and had some success with left hooks. But Todd stayed calm in the last and strung left hooks and right hands together well to take a too-close 39-38 point decision on Wyford Jones’ card.

Lydney’s serving rifleman Louis “Poochi” Van Poetsch scored his second straight win in besting Bolton’s Chris Jenkinson over four threes.  Van Poetsch had trouble getting inside in the first half of the opener as Chris’ straight shots seemed to upset his still-settling rhythm.  However, when the Gloucestershire man got into range he punched downstairs with conviction.

Jenkinson, 3-4-1(1) going in, took the next on my card as he launched his attacks in threes and fours and simply outworked Van Poetsch. However, Louis dug deep and started to get under shots better over the last two rounds to take a razor-thin 39-38 decision on Reece Carter’s card.

Kelvin “Young Gun” Young suffered a devastating last second stoppage defeat against Sam Couzens last night as he was stopped at 2:59 of the fourth and final round of a super-middle contest.

Young started convincingly and stuck to his correct and educated boxing. He scored with a good selection of hooks and uppercuts.

Couzens had success with the uppercut as early as the second round and Kelvin just kept getting caught with the shot over and over again. The Swindon man unwisely elected to trade with the hardened Couzens more often as the fight progressed and the fight had turned into a close quarter slug fest in the third which suited the tough-as-nails Couzens.

Kelvin’s nose was gushing blood in the last and he was hit with at least five massive uppercuts before he collapsed to his knees and the fight was correctly stopped. Young suffered his third quick loss in a 12-3 (0) record.

Finally, Mike Biggs and Ben Morrish boxed to a round technical draw in the show opener as Ben suffered an awful laceration over the right eye and the fight was stopped at 1:36 of the second round. It was slated for four threes at light-welter.

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