Boxing - Rose turns pro with TKO stable

Former Navy boxer Ricky Rose has become the latest to sign professional papers with Johnny Eames'  expanding TKO stable. Following the signing, Ricky spoke about his amateur career and his decision to turn over.

Boxing - Rose turns pro with TKO stable

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Ricky Rose turns pro with Johnny Eames

“I started boxing at the age of ten, my dad (Keith Rose) got me into it.

"I started competing, winning a few of my fights and went into the schoolboy championships for the first time ahed 12, and won my first national championship at the age of twelve.

"My dad trained me at the Golden Gloves Gym, in Medway, Kent, went on from there to St Mary’s, again won the schoolboys there, followed by the Four Nations.

"I stayed there for a few years until I started working, after starting working I soon learned just how hard it is to keep up the training let alone competing, so I joined the Military, the Royal Marine Commandos, because I knew I would be able to still box.

"I loved it, I had great training, firstly with Stu O’Connor and then by Graham Aldersen. It really paid off. In the Seniors I boxed for England twice, but never got the chance to box into the ABAs due to my Military commitments.

"Got in the combines but always got robbed, There’s so much rivalry between the Navy and Army that sometimes the judging was a bit suspect.

"My last fight I had in the combines was against Martin Stead, he was a three time ABA Champion. Everyone thought I won it, I thought I won it.

"Four and a half years I stayed in there for, as well as boxing on the team full time also did a tour in Afghanistan so I was doing a lot of soldiering as well as boxing, I loved it, it is intense but it was awesome.

"I’m twenty three now so feel it’s time for me to go into the pro game. John Murray introduced me to the TRAD TKO when I was in the Navy. It’s ideal, it’s about a half hour commute in the morning, which isn’t too drastic."

Now he has signed professional terms, Ricky is off travelling for a couple of months:

"Before I start my pro career I’m going to do a little traveling, I’m off to Asia next month to get it out of my system before committing full time to the boxing. I’ll be going there for a couple of months and then when I come back I’ll be straight into the training camp for my pro debut.”

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