Brad Marchand overskates puck in shootout, Boston Bruins lose

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Brad Marchand will want to forget this one.

The Boston Bruins forward is a Stanley Cup champion and two-time NHL All-Star, but on Monday he proved that even top players are human.

With the Bruins embroiled in a shootout against the Philadelphia Flyers, Marchand stepped onto the ice as Boston's fifth shooter. Flyers forward Travis Konecny had just scored the shootout's only goal to that point, meaning Marchand had to beat Philadelphia goalie Carter Hart or the game would be over.

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As the Wells Fargo Center crowd jeered his approach, Marchand sped toward the red line and skated right past the puck. The four on-ice officials immediately congregated in Marchand's wake and, after a brief deliberation, ruled that the Bruins star had moved the puck slightly as he overskated it — thus ending the shootout.

The Flyers won the game 6-5, but it may have been the first time a shootout was decided without the final shooter even registering an attempt on goal.

"You touch it on a penalty shot and that’s your shot. It’s unfortunate, it’s a tough way to lose on a play like that, but we gotta be better when we have the lead," Marchand said after the game, which the Bruins led by three goals midway through the second period. "That’s the way it is, I’m not gonna overthink it."

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