Brian Cox thought “007: Road to a Million” was Bond movie when approached about reality show

"It was called '007: Road to a Million.' I thought it was the new James Bond film," the Scottish actor told Jimmy Fallon.

On Prime Video's new James Bond-themed reality competition show 007: Road to a Million, actor Brian Cox portrays "The Controller," the purported mastermind behind the series who sends contestants on various Bondian quests. Now, that's a plum gig, but maybe not quite as plum as the one the Succession star assumed he was being offered when Cox was first approached about the show.

Turns out, the Scotsman thought he had been asked to play the villain in a new James Bond movie, as he revealed Tuesday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"Well, you was called 007: Road to a Million," Cox told Fallon. "I thought it was the new James Bond film. So I said, 'Oh, finally, they're getting me in a James Bond movie.' I said, 'Yes, of course!' There was no script. And there was no James Bond movie. So I was doing this reality show...For years I thought, I'd love to be a James Bond villain, it'd be really interesting and I thought, this is my moment. But it wasn't."

What would Logan Roy have said? Something we couldn't print in full here, no doubt. Still, Cox admitted he had a good time making the show.

"It was fun, it was great fun," he said. "I mean, I love bossing people around. I bossed all these people around. It's a really good show."

Watch Cox talking about his mistake with Fallon in the clip below.

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