British Olympic Sailing Team manager delighted by new documentary 'Chasing Tokyo'

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The documentary was filmed during the height of Covid-19
The documentary was filmed during the height of Covid-19

Manager of the British Olympic Sailing Team, Mark Robinson is delighted to reveal the mysteries behind sailing in their new documentary film 'Chasing Tokyo'.

British Sailing reached out to York-based film company Orillo Films to produce an emotional tale of success and heartbreak as athletes embarked on a turbulent journey to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Filmed during the height of Covid and focusing on just a handful of stories from the most successful sailing team in history, 'Chasing Tokyo' provides an insight into the lives of Britain's best sailors.

Speaking at the film's premiere, Robinson said: "it's always a challenge to go behind the scenes when you're a very successful team because there's this dilemma as to how much to give away and what you might give to future generations.

"But for us it's, can we inspire more British people to go out and do the sport and do whatever they want to do.

"I think fundamentally it's a human interest story. Just to show that they are normal human being, striving to be the best that they can be in the world.

"It just opens the eyes of the general public as to what sailing is about and it's no longer a bit of a myth.

"I hope it inspires another generation of sailors to come through and learn from the people that have represented the British Sailing Team in the past."

The film will debut on the Olympic Channel on July 28th and showcases the journeys of Tokyo gold medallists Eilidh McIntyre, Stuart Blithe, London 2012 silver medallist Luke Patience and Tokyo Olympian Tom Squires.

It focuses on the challenges the team overcame to deliver at Tokyo, training through a global pandemic and unable to enjoy the usual extravagance of the Olympic Games.

Robinson added: "It was a little bit hair-raising, not so much for me but for a lot of the athletes. "Eilidh had been trying for 15 years to go to the Olympic Games and the uncertainty of it and that that could be taken away from them brought a lot to bare for a short period of time.

"I think the way the team came together at the Games was like no other Games before.

"This was like nothing that we've ever experienced before because of the constraints of Covid, because of keeping people safe, the Japanese public and the athletes.

"The way the team came together and were relying on each other, if they were having a bad day, someone would pick them up and the roles would swap."

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Racing Director, Ian Walker praised Orillo Films and the hard-work and skill that went into creating a documentary of memories.

Whether you're a sailing fan or just love a story of raw emotion and drive, 'Chasing Tokyo' captures the spirit of the British Olympic Sailing team and the struggles they encountered on the way to becoming the most successful sailing team in the world.

The biggest names in British sailing came together for the premier
The biggest names in British sailing came together for the premier

Walker said: "I think there's a number of reasons that make this film important. Most importantly it promotes our sport to a wider audience and it will hopefully inspire many youngsters to get involved in sailing or any other Olympic sports and to dare to chase their dreams.

"Orillo have done a fantastic job, as have the rest of the team and this has been an absolute labour of love.

"Of course the project's been a year longer than originally envisaged and the work rate, the effort and the dedication from everybody involved."

Watch Chasing Tokyo at

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