Britney Spears’ Book Is Here, And Fans Are Loving Michelle Williams’ Narrating The Audiobook

 Britney Spears in the music video for Everytime and Michelle Williams in The Fablemans, pictured side by side.
Britney Spears in the music video for Everytime and Michelle Williams in The Fablemans, pictured side by side.

After an intense wait that’s seen various tales teasing its arrival, Britney Spears’ revealing memoir is finally here. With fans currently devouring The Woman in Me, stories of the singer’s life and career are starting to gain traction on the internet. And part of the reason that’s happening is because people are loving actor Michelle Williams’ narration of the audiobook; and for several very good reasons.

People have taken to Twitter to share their feelings, as well as clips of the Academy Award nominee’s readings from said book. Some have also taken this occasion to resurrect this beautiful joke from Abbott Elementary in their excitement:

With that glorious invocation kicking things off, let’s talk about some of those stories that Ms. Williams has wowed the crowd with. And we’ll start off with something pleasant, and not related to Justin Timberlake. Our first reading from The Woman in Me actually deals with Mariah Carey, and how Britney Spears credits her as an early adopter of the Ring Light:

To be honest, it’s kind of comforting that The Woman in Me confirmed Mariah Carey’s deeply personal nature with people. Just hearing Britney’s words through Michelle’s voice, you can feel the reverence pouring out of that moment. But now it’s time to shift over to some fun with JT, which is a subject that Britney Spears has proven she has plenty to say about.

Our next tweet proves just why Justin Timberlake’s alleged concerns about The Woman in Me were well warranted. Besides the story behind Britney and Justin’s breakup, Spears shared a rather interesting story of Timberlake trying to impress Ginuwine. Here’s a clip from that segment, told once again by Michelle Williams:

If you thought that was amusing, there’s tons of clips that showcase a longer version of that story from The Woman in Me. But it all boils down to that one moment that people have been talking about, prompting this to be one of the tales that has gone viral. Between this and the news that The Notebook almost cast Britney Spears in its lead role, this days old book is already pretty popular.

Perhaps the most heated clip that’s surfaced so far has to be a simple snippet where Britney Spears is talking about her sister Jamie-Lynn. Tensions within the Spears family have been well reported in the recent months, with even Crossroads director Tamra Davis sharing her own stories.

Here’s one final excerpt that plays towards that drama, in which Williams' delivery proves just why fans on the internet are already hoping for a Grammy nomination:

Honestly, I was sold on reading The Woman in Me the moment it was announced. Britney Spears telling her own life story, after all of the twists and turns she’s been through in the public eye, is something I’m intrigued to experience. But now with these samples of Michelle Williams’ audiobook readings, I’m doubling down on my intent to do just that.

Furthermore, I think I’ll have to get my hands on the audio version to truly experience it the way it was intended. If you’re looking to read The Woman in Me yourself, this memoir is currently available for purchase on Amazon; or wherever you seek out your reading/listening materials.