Brondby Manager Thomas Frank Quits After Learning of Chairman's Criticism on Internet Forum

​Big news coming out of Danish football today, and it's not the type of story you'd find anywhere else. Except maybe Leeds United or Newcastle.

Brondby IF head coach Thomas Frank has ​announced his resignation after learning club chairman Jan Bech Andersen has been criticising his running of the club for several years on a public fan forum, using a pseudonym. Blimey.

Brondby IF v FC Midtjylland - Danish Superliga
Brondby IF v FC Midtjylland - Danish Superliga

Local media reported earlier this week the chairman - who is also a major shareholder - had criticised Frank on the online fan forum SydSiden Online under the pseudonym 'Oscar', using his son's account. Andersen has since apologised but revealed he is staying put in a statement published on the club's ​official website, while the club's chief executive has been sacked.

Announcing his departure, Frank said: "It is no secret that the relationship between Jan and me has been strained from time to time, and after the last days of massive media attention, he and I had a talk.

"Based on that talk, I have chosen to end the cooperation."

​Andersen was full of apology in his own statement. It read: " I am extremely sorry for the noise and commotion that I have caused. I'm sorry that cooperation with Thomas (Frank) has ended. I can understand that it is a breach of trust. But I will not leave Brondby because of this.

"As everyone knows, I am an incredibly passionate Brondby fan, and I'm following our matches with the same joy and frustration as all the other fans. It is also no secret that as much I rejoice over a victory, I am so frustrated when we lose.

"I have made it clear that I want to be a president who is close to our fans. Our fans are something unique, and they are the foundation of this club.

"Over the past few years, for the same reason, I have had a profile on SydSiden Online , like many other Brondby fans have. SydSiden Online is a great forum for us fans to show joy and frustration and a place where we can have - sometimes - heated discussions about everything from playing style to the beer stalls.

"But the apologies of course in no way (make up for why) I have taken these discussions into a public forum, as it unfortunately has caused a lot of speculation and rumours in the media. I take that course very seriously and note, and I need to learn to keep my mouth shut."

Maybe you're right there, Jan.

He added: "Thomas decided that cooperation must stop today. I and the board, and everyone in and around Brondby, would like to thank Thomas for the results he has achieved. No one is more sorry than I that our paths have now divorced."

Chief financial officer Jesper Jorgensen will take over the reins as CEO after an announcement of financial losses, while under-19 coach Auri Skarbalius will take charge of the Superliga team until the end of the season.


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