Brooks Koepka doesn't think Bubba Watson could carry his own clubs

Jason Owens
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Brooks Koepka has a brand.

Part of it is showing off his massive arms in tight shirts and racking up major wins.

But it’s mostly about bagging on other players, be it for slow play or cheating or something else.

Fellow major winner Bubba Watson found himself in Koepka’s crosshairs on Tuesday when Koepka made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show (h/t @Golf Channel). This time, it was good-natured.

Caddie-free golf?

The topic of conversation was changes to the game amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility of playing without caddies to comply with social-distancing protocols. Patrick floated the idea.

Koepka has his doubts that some players on tour would be able to haul their own bag around the course.

When he's not winning majors, Brooks Koepka is generally bagging on his fellow golfers. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
When he's not winning majors, Brooks Koepka is generally bagging on his fellow golfers. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

‘Bubba would be complaining the entire time’

“It'd be interesting," Koepka told Patrick (around the 1:43:00 mark here). "It would actually be a lot of fun just to watch some of these guys attempt to carry their own bag. I don't think some of them have ever picked up their bag in their life.”

So who wouldn’t make it 18 holes with their bag?

“I actually don't think Bubba would,” Koepka continued. “Bubba would be complaining how heavy the bag is the entire time.

“I love the guy, but there's no way he makes it around 18 with that bag.”

“Isn’t he always complaining about something?” Patrick asked.

“It’s great,” Koepka said. “I love it. It’s hilarious. He’s a good dude deep down. You’ve just gotta get to know him.”

Will players be required to carry bags?

So far, there’s no indication from the PGA that players will be on their own bags when the tour is scheduled to return on June 11. As of now, it’s just conjecture in conversations about the game. It seems unlikely.

But if players do have to carry their own bags, that would certainly change the complexion of the game. As of now, PGA tour pros are required to do nothing but walk and focus on their game. Requiring players to carry equipment for 18 holes would certainly give an advantage to younger players and those built like Koepka.

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