Brunello Cucinelli Buys Tailoring Specialist

MILAN — Brunello Cucinelli continues to bolster the production facilities of his namesake luxury company while protecting Italian know-how, increasingly becoming a point of reference in the country’s Umbria region.

Cucinelli on Thursday revealed he has acquired tailoring specialist Sartoria Eugubina, based in Gubbio, near Perugia and around 40 miles from his Solomeo headquarters, and will take on its 70 artisans.

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“The small but important history of Sartoria Eugubina is a noble one of true craftsmanship that has earned well-deserved respect,” Cucinelli said. He characterized the acquisition as “an enrichment in terms of really special human resources. All of the world looks to Italy with deep regard and we believe that our products sincerely reflect in a special way how we work, the extreme attention we put into enhancing the skilled hands of our esteemed artisans.”

Details of the investment in the factory were not disclosed.

Cucinelli revealed he will erect a small factory in Gubbio “with a gorgeous view on the landscape of the medieval town. I am very confident in the value of beautiful garments made in Italy that can be left as an heirloom. Perhaps in the next years the issue will be not who we sell these special pieces to but rather whose skilled hands will create these small masterpieces.”

This is in line with Cucinelli’s long-term strategy, his belief in the strength of menswear tailoring and his views that the beauty of a factory contributes to give moral dignity to work and improve the quality of the products.

In 2013 Cucinelli acquired the production division of the prestigious Sartoria D’Avenza in Carrara, another example of Made in Italy excellence in the production of men’s suits.

In November, Cucinelli presented his project for his new menswear manufacturing site, his “bella fabbrica [beautiful factory],” in Penne, Italy. The plant will be located in the Ponte di Sant’Antonio area of Penne and will be unveiled in spring 2025, covering 48,600 square feet and employing between 300 and 350 people. Located in the central region of Abruzzo, the town is historically a production hub that specializes in sartorial menswear. It is home to the storied Brioni brand.

Cucinelli has been renting a restructured plant in Penne since mid-November while waiting for the new plant to be completed. There, in the 21,600-square-foot space, he employs 75 artisans, and aims to reach 100 by the end of the year.

Last year Cucinelli and Chanel signed a long-term agreement with Piergiorgio Cariaggi, president and chief executive officer of Cariaggi Lanificio SpA. Under the terms of the deal, the Cariaggi family retained control of the namesake company with 51 percent of the shares, while Brunello Cucinelli and Chanel each have a 24.5 percent stake.

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