BUDAHOOD Wants You To Feel the Love With Rainbow Bridge 639HZ Collection

BUDAHOOD has unveiled its debut jewelry collection, Rainbow Bridge 639HZ, inviting its wearers to find balance and peace.

The Paris-based brand's inaugural launch is inspired by the 639HZ audio frequency, which is believed to encourage internal harmony. Natural crystals and rainbow enamel are infused with heartfelt intentions designed to help spread abundance, happiness and compassion with each wear. The rainbow symbolizes each color of the seven chakras, while also embodying true diversity and a childlike sense of wonder and joy.

Crafted from sterling silver, the Rainbow Dragon necklace features uber-saturated orbs decorated with glittering pinwheels, alongside white and pink diamond-covered iterations. The Jade Dragon choker offers a cool green alternative. The Portal of Joy earrings bear the spherical shape, arriving in hues of blue, pink, yellow and red. Meanwhile, the whimsical Buda pendant shines in gleaming silver, as well as dazzling white and pink stones. A molten heart pendant completes the feel-good collection.

Take a look at the campaign in the gallery above, featuring industry A-listers from the likes of Aleali May, TACOBELLA and Kiko Mizuhara.