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Bradford Bulls fans have raised almost £5,000 through BullBuilder

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Bradford Bulls fans have raised almost £5,000 through BullBuilder

Bradford fans have raised almost £5,000 for the club's hardship fund and anonymously distributed £3,600 of it to staff recently made redundant.

BullBuilder, a supporters' trust, set up the fund following the decision of joint administrator Brendan Guilfoyle to lay off 16 full-time staff, including the entire coaching team, in a massive cost-cutting exercise.

The fans expect the total to go past the £10,000 mark with donations from Warrington, who agreed to hand back all proceeds from away-ticket sales for last Sunday's game against the Bulls at the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

The fund is administered on BullBuilder's behalf by Bradford club pastor Warren Evans.

"At the time of writing, the fund has raised almost £5,000 in donations," a spokesman said.

"When money is realised from tickets sold to Bradford fans for last weekend's match at Warrington, we expect to go past the £10,000 mark.

"However, Warren Evans has already anonymously distributed £3,600 to staff in need and, as financial reality becomes more pressing for these individuals, we expect an even greater take-up."

The battle to save beleaguered Bradford has reached apparent stalemate.

The ABC consortium had their revised bid for the financially-stricken Super League club rejected on Wednesday by the Rugby Football League because of the strings attached.

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