Bunch, Rogers reflect on competing on PBR together

Jan. 25—The season for Professional Bull Riders is a long drawn-out year traveling from state to state. As the year goes, on it can drag out, making for a difficult travel schedule.

But Cherokee County's Caden Bunch and Wyatt Rogers, are going on tour with someone they have known their whole lives. Bunch and Rogers have been friends since 'they were in diapers' according to Rogers.

"I've known Wyatt all my life and he's a great friend, we grew up together and his family is where I started riding sheep," Bunch said. "It means a lot to have your buddies living your dream with you, we encourage and support each other. He helps me and my mom out a lot with making our travel plans."

At 28, Rogers serves as sort of a mentor for the 20-year-old Bunch.

"I almost feel like a babysitter, but no he's just a kid I've been here and done that and I just show him the ropes on things to do and not do," Rogers said. "If he is going through a rough patch I just tell him what to focus on. It is great having someone you know that knows your riding style."

Living just five minutes away from each other, Bunch and Rogers have spent plenty of time training over the years. Starting when they were young, riding sheep the duo have progressed up the ranks together where they are now in PRB's Unleash the Beast Tour.

The pair just competed in the Unleash the Beast event in Tulsa. While neither rider was able to put up a qualified ride and make the finals, the crowd was behind the duo the whole weekend.

"It's always a great feeling to hear a crowd cheer for you and even better close to home, makes me smile for sure," Bunch said. "It feels great to be at home with your hometown crowd. The BOK is a big event center and it means a lot to be there competing where I've watched several of my mentors ride."

Bunch and Rogers will return to action in the Kubota Unleash the Beast event in Houston, Texas starting Friday, Jan. 26.

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