Bundesliga - German clubs 'will have no interest in Moyes'

Sacked Manchester United manager David Moyes can forget about rebuilding his reputation in the Bundesliga, according to our German office.

Bundesliga - German clubs 'will have no interest in Moyes'

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Manchester United boss David Moyes (Reuters)

In December 2012, while still manager of Everton, Moyes spoke of his desire of managing aboard and picked out Germany as a potential destination.

"I always had the hope of being a coach abroad. If I had the choice, I would probably go to Germany, in part because of the mentality, which is similar to mine. I'm also fascinated by what happens in German football," he told France Football in an interview.

There are likely to be a few big jobs opening up in the Bundesliga this summer, most notably at Leverkusen where Sami Hyypia was sacked earlier this month.

However, Eurosport Germany's Tobias Laure said Moyes would likely be wasting his time applying for any German jobs.

"It doesn’t seem like Moyes could be a serious candidate for a Bundesliga club at the moment. His reputation is not the best to be honest," he told us.

"Few people knew him before he started to coach Manchester United and now all the headlines he has got in Germany have been linked to the bad results he is delivering with United this season.

"Moyes is not seen as winner, which makes it hard to present him as somebody who could offer new hope for a Bundesliga team."

"There are some big name German coaches without job (for example Thomas Schaaf) and it is much more likely that clubs would be interested in them.

"Finally Moyes’ salary (in Manchester of course, but as well before in Everton) would probably be too high for most German clubs."

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