Burger King Has a New Dessert Made with Our Favorite Cookie

It's a classic we could eat every day!

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

Burger King is not afraid to add new items to its already well-appointed menu. Last month, the chain launched its Fiery Big Fish sandwich, a limited edition of its popular Big Fish. It followed several other releases like Cheesy Tots and Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries.

But the fast-food joint hasn’t added many new desserts to its menu in a while—until now. If you’re a fan of sweets and Dreamworks, you will want to check it out.

Burger King’s New Po’s Panda Sundae with Oreo Pieces

Burger King has teamed up with DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures for the upcoming "Kung Fu Panda 4" release to create a new sweet treat: Po's Panda Sundae.

Inspired by the beloved cartoon character, this new sundae features BK's creamy vanilla soft serve topped with Oreo cookie pieces and chocolate syrup.

The online community is already talking about the sundae, too. Many expressed their excitement about the new treat in a recent Instagram post. One person commented, "Sounds like the best movie tie-in BK has had since the 2000s."

Someone else added, "That Oreo sundae looks good. I'm definitely burning this kid's meal when it drops." Another fan said they've been patiently waiting for this new collab to begin: "Been haunting my BK since this started."

Burger King started offering the new Po's Panda Sundae on March 4, so this is the week to head over to your local participating Burger King. Since the sundae is only here for a limited time while supplies last, getting there sooner rather than later is recommended.

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