Burger King Is Going All Out For National Cheeseburger Day With A Week Of Freebies

Whopper with cheese
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In honor of National Cheeseburger Day, Burger King is offering members of its Royal Perks program an array of deals and specials. Per a press release shared with Daily Meal, the fast food chain is celebrating the almighty cheeseburger from September 18 through September 24, which means rewards members have a full week of goodies to look forward to. The festivities begin on National Cheeseburger Day, during which perks members will get a free cheeseburger with a $1 purchase.

On September 19, a $1 purchase will snag you a free Whopper Jr., while September 20 is Whopper Wednesday, which means you can enjoy a Whopper for just $3. Next up is the buy one, get one Whopper special on September 21, followed by a free order of onion rings with a $1 purchase on September 22. If you're feeding a group, you might appreciate the $22 Family Bundle available on September 23. As for the final day of the celebration, Royal Perks members will receive double Crowns (points, essentially) on all purchases made.

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How To Take Advantage Of Burger King's Many Deals

Burger King app
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Only Royal Perks members are privy to the numerous National Cheeseburger Day specials, so anyone interested in these deals will have to sign up. To do so, simply head over to the Royal Perks page of Burger King's website and provide your information. Besides being privy to any specials offered by Burger King, once you're a member, you'll receive 10 Crowns for every dollar you spend at the store.

New and existing members can redeem offers via the BK app or at For that, you'll have to check out the Offers section and look for the corresponding six-digit code. This code can be applied to both online and app orders and can also be used when dining in-store. Unfortunately, you can't redeem National Cheeseburger Day deals with delivery orders. Additionally, you may be charged extra if you modify or upsize your order (say, by making a meat tower). National Cheeseburger Day only comes once per year, and Burger King is making sure that its most loyal customers are rewarded.

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