Is Burger King Open On Christmas Day 2023?

Burger King burger, drink, and fries
Burger King burger, drink, and fries - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

While many people will be busy spending time with family, sharing gifts, and eating vast holiday spreads on December 25, some will no doubt have a different, lower-key kind of day. Perhaps they can't make it home for the holiday, don't celebrate, or just aren't into the usual baked ham, potatoes, and green bean casserole that many families dish out. Whatever the reason, these people may be wondering: What restaurants, exactly, are open on Christmas Day?

For those who craving a Burger King Whopper on the holiday, you may get your wish — but you might not. According to a Burger King spokesperson who spoke with Mashed, "Holiday hours vary by franchised restaurant. We encourage guests to visit the app or website for the restaurant hours at their nearest Burger King location." RBI, Burger King's parent company, states on its website that "Almost 100 percent of Burger King restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees, many of them family-owned operations that have been in business for decades." This means that each store decides for itself if it's going to be open on a specific holiday or not, so anyone hungry for Burger King needs to contact their nearest location directly or check the B.K. app.

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Regardless Of Holiday Schedules, Many Burger King Locations May Close

Burger King sign
Burger King sign - Manuel Milan/Getty Images

While most Burger Kings are open on Thanksgiving, as are many other sit-down and fast food restaurants, there's still a certain stigma attached to the notion of businesses remaining open on Christmas Day. In a Reddit thread from December 2021, the poster argued, "No stores should have to be open on Christmas.. seriously," to mixed response.

One commenter wrote, "I'm almost 50 [and] I'm still flabbergasted that this has become the norm. in the 70s places were closed for Christmas, New Year's, [and] Thanksgiving. I've never been comfortable with this change and I hope this disappears sometime soon." Another defended businesses' right to remain open, writing, "Some people [don't] celebrate Christmas or could use the money or would be lonely sitting home without friends and family. There are many who want the day off but many others who wouldn't mind working."

Despite spending $400 million on rebranding at the end of 2022, Burger King hasn't been particularly profitable. In May 2023, RBI C.E.O. Josh Kobza warned that as many as 400 stores could close by the end of the year. If you happen to start craving Burger King on Christmas Day but all the locations near you are closed, you may just be better off making a Whopper copycat at home.

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