Business owner step closer to reopening building after devastating crash 2 months ago

Business owner opens up about how life has changed since car destroyed shop <i>(Image: Public)</i>
Business owner opens up about how life has changed since car destroyed shop (Image: Public)

A business is hoping to reopen in November, nearly two months after a car ploughed into it

Owner of Fire Press Naomi Davis, 28, was left “devastated” when she found out what happened, and she says the first few weeks were the worst.

She has managed to keep the business going by working from home but is looking forward to going back into her business in Lee Lane, Horwich.

Since the crash on July 29, Naomi has started to work from home and says it has been a struggle to adjust, but that her business is thriving.

She said: “The first few weeks were the worst because I was still in shock and trying to adjust when I had just adjusted to having a shop.

“I still go to the shop to book any online orders.

The Bolton News: The shop has now been cleared out
The Bolton News: The shop has now been cleared out

The shop has now been cleared out (Image: Public)“I don’t really enjoy working from home and I have really struggled because it’s hard to focus, which is why I started going to coffee shops because otherwise you don’t get the interaction where people having a chat.”

Naomi is hoping to open her shop by November, but says that it has been a long process, so she cannot say for certain.

She said: “It has been up and down, and I have been trying to keep positive because I have had a lot of work coming in since it all happened.

“I think a lot of people are waiting for the shop to open and I have had customers asking to get pictures framed and printed.”

The Bolton News:
The Bolton News:

The graphic designer says she has always had a positive attitude and says that she is just grateful that she is able to work remotely.

She added: “I am also trying to take advantage of the shop not being open and going out when I can.

“I just feel like it would be worst if I relied on the shop front”.

Work needed to get the shop up and running again, includes repairing the front of the shop, new flooring, installing a reception desk, and everything used to display products.

The shop has now been cleared out whilst Naomi waits for quotes from contractors and money from the insurance company.

When the shop finally opens Naomi wants to organise a big launch party, and says she is immensely grateful to those who have helped along the way.

She added: “I have had a lot of support when it happened, and lots of messages, as well as someone raising some money on GoFundME.

“A few advertising people gave me a few slots for free to help out.

“It’s been really nice to have the support.”

Following an arrest, the police have now confirmed that the person was released without charge.

Customers can access the website here ( or send Naomi a message with any queries about collecting.

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