Button wants more accessible tyres


Jenson Button believes Pirelli should focus on widening the operating window of its 2013 tyre compounds in order to make the Formula 1 playing field fairer.

Unpredictable tyre compounds played their part in seven different drivers winning the opening seven races of the season, with form varying from one round to the next.

Mercedes, for example, suffered in Malaysia - a race in which Fernando Alonso hung on to deny a flying Sergio Perez – but then dominated in China, with Nico Rosberg winning for the first time.

Button said some teams and drivers had 'lucked in' to working the tyres properly, while others had been undermined by an inability to do so.

"I think it would be nice to see the working range of the tyre changed a little bit," Button said.

"As a lot of teams have, we've struggled to get it working and in the right region, and there just needs to be a bigger band of working range for everyone.

"It just makes it a little bit more fair.

"Some guys luck in to the tyres with their car at the start of the year and others luck out.

"It's so hard to find a way of getting tyres in the right range, and you have to change your car dramatically in terms of cooling in order to make it work."

Button otherwise paid tribute to Pirelli's 2012 compounds, saying that uninspiring one-stop races proved just how effective its high-degradation focus has been on improving the racing.

"I think the degradation of the tyres has not been too bad all year," he explained.

"The new asphalt has changed things in terms of one stop, which worked in the USA, but not at others which were not so exciting.

"I think Pirelli and the FIA are all pushing for more degradation."

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