Cadillac Confirms Long-Wheelbase Escalade iQL Will Join the EV Lineup

2025 cadillac escalade iq
Cadillac Confirms Long-Wheelbase Escalade iQLCadillac
  • Cadillac confirmed to Car and Driver that it is planning an even longer version of the electric Escalade iQ called the iQL.

  • The automaker wouldn't say when it will arrive, but we expect it to debut at some point this year.

  • The Escalade iQ is already only three inches shorter than the gas-powered long-wheelbase Escalade ESV.

The imposing electric Cadillac Escalade iQ is set to grow even larger. Today at the 2024 Chicago auto show, a Cadillac representative confirmed to Car and Driver that the luxury automaker will add a longer Escalade iQL model to the lineup. No timeline was provided, with Cadillac saying to keep our eyes out for more information soon.

Longer Escalade EV Coming

The long-wheelbase Escalade iQL should debut at some point this year, and sales may even kick off in 2024. However, we wouldn't expect the iQL to hit dealerships until after the standard Escalade iQ goes on sale sometime this summer. Visually, we don't expect many changes, as the iQL should follow a similar formula to the long-wheelbase gas-powered Escalade ESV.

2025 cadillac escalade iq

The standard Escalade iQ is already a behemoth, stretching 224.3 inches long with a 136.2-inch wheelbase. That's over a foot longer overall than a standard gas-guzzling Escalade, which has a 120.9-inch wheelbase and is just three inches shy of the Escalade ESV. The standard iQ's wheelbase is also about two inches longer than that of the ESV, so the Escalade iQL should be truly colossal when it hits the road. More information is expected to arrive later this year, so keep an eye on this space.

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