Cajun Butter Takes Your Steaks To New Heights Of Flavor

steak with butter in pan
steak with butter in pan - Lauri Patterson/Getty Images

Among its many versatile uses, butter can be used for sauteing meats and vegetables, adding moisture to baked goods, or enhancing the overall taste of your food. When used as a sauce, its potential is virtually boundless and opens up a world of culinary possibilities. Known for its Cajun cuisine, Louisiana has gifted the world an exceptionally delicious sauce by combining its unique spices with the richness of butter. When spread on a great cut of beef, Cajun butter creates a decadent taste and takes the umami factor to new heights.

While there are many types of rich butter sauces that would make your steak taste incredible, the use of Cajun butter will transport you to the bayous of Louisiana with every bite. You'll want to put on some thumping New Orleans brass marching band music and reach for a Sazerac cocktail as you enjoy this distinctive sauce on your steak.

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How Cajun Butter Enhances Your Steak

steak with butter sauce
steak with butter sauce - Rebecca Fondren/Getty Images

Once your steak is cooked to perfection, it's time to glaze it with melted Cajun butter to create a flavor that is rich in spice and texture. This sauce does something truly remarkable; the meat glistens on the outside, providing a beautiful aesthetic, and when you take a bite, the Cajun spices fill your palate in ways you've never experienced. Along with the usual blend of spices -- paprika, garlic and onion powder, oregano, thyme, salt, pepper, and cayenne -- you'll want to add brown sugar to the mix for optimal flavor and caramelization.

Don't feel restricted to using your Cajun butter as an afterthought to garnish your steak -- you can also use it to marinate the meat. The flavor from the Cajun butter absorbs into the steak for a delicious taste in every bite. The butter caramelizes the outside as it grills, adding a dark brown crust that provides a crispy texture. The fats in the meat will also carry the many flavors from the marinade. While this sauce is simple to make at home, you can also save yourself a little time in the kitchen by always having a bottle on hand. You can get Cajun seasoning from most local supermarkets and simply mix it with softened butter.

The Best Sides To Have With A Cajun Butter Steak

shrimp skewers
shrimp skewers - Alexander Raths/Shutterstock

While you're enjoying your dose of New Orleans with this Cajun butter-flavored steak, you'll want some sides to garnish your plate and fill you up. These won't be just any ordinary sides but authentic Cajun and Louisiana-inspired Mardi Gras recipes. Louisiana Dirty Rice is a delicious combination of fluffy rice infused with ground beef, Andouille sausage, veggies, and Cajun spices. Try Cajun coleslaw too, a refreshingly sweet and tangy side that will add more range to the savory flavor of your Cajun butter steak.

For a hearty option, try a slow cooker Cajun bean soup. This side packs a mighty punch of simmered Cajun flavors that will warm you up and hit you with some heat. If you like surf and turf, then whip up Cajun shrimp skewers. The flavor in the grilled shrimp will balance out the texture of your steak while bringing the whole plate together with its Cajun spice.

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