When Calls The Heart’s Erin Krakow Explains How Elizabeth And Nathan Are Approaching Their Relationship In Season 11 After Her Breakup With Lucas

 Screenshot of Kevin McGarry and Erin Krakow in Season 11 promo for When Calls the Heart.
Screenshot of Kevin McGarry and Erin Krakow in Season 11 promo for When Calls the Heart.

When Calls the Heart is finally set to return for its 11th season amid the 2024 TV schedule! While some aspects of Hope Valley will be the same when viewers tune in for the new episodes, others are going to look a little different. For instance, the long-standing love triangle between Elizabeth, Lucas and Nathan might finally be over. That's because Elizabeth broke up with Lucas in the Season 10 finale. Now, she's with Nathan and, ahead of the new season, leading lady Erin Krakow is explaining how the two are going to approach their relationship

Elizabeth and Lucas fans are "hurt" by the breakup, and that's certainly understandable. Elizabeth's decision to call off the relationship was a surprise, though it now allows her to start anew with someone else. Though just because she’s not with Lucas anymore, that doesn't mean that she and Nathan are ready to go all in on being a couple. Krakow tells ET that the pair will be taking things slow:

Nothing is official. I think that would feel way too soon. We do want to be respectful of the fact that Elizabeth and Lucas had a very real and loving relationship. It just wasn't, as it turns out, meant to be Elizabeth's lifetime or Lucas', so we are being respectful of that.

Nathan has been pining for Elizabeth since arriving in Hope Valley in Season 6 and admitted his feelings in Season 8. Though they now have a chance at romance, it seems like fans will have to wait just a little bit longer for the two of them to actually solidify it, though. All in all, that does make sense. The Season 8 finale solved the Nathan/Lucas problem by having Elizabeth get together with the latter, and the two got engaged in the Season 9 finale, before nearly tying the knot in Season 10. Considering all of that baggage, I can understand why Elizabeth wouldn't be rushing anything.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that she and Nathan are opposed to becoming a true couple, however. It’s been clear that there is something between Elizabeth and Nathan, and they aren’t denying those sparks either, in the aftermath of the Lucas breakup. Erin Krakow says doesn't seem to deny that love is in the air, though it seems this will be a "slow burn":

They're waiting for their right moment. And, of course, there are things that come up along the way to interrupt that. But yeah, it's a slow burn. We're taking our time... the first time Elizabeth and Nathan see each other [after the split], you do feel that sparks are flying. But even though those sparks are flying, they still are taking their time. Nathan confessed his love in season 8. But Elizabeth doesn't know for sure that he still has feelings for her, and I think Nathan doesn't want to assume that just because Elizabeth and Lucas broke up, she has feelings for him. So, it's kind of a dance.

It’s unknown if Elizabeth and Nathan will make things official at some point in Season 11, but it wouldn’t be surprising if that wasn’t the case. I'm intrigued by where this path will take the two of them. This is likely to be a delicate story and one that I hope feels organic for both characters. And, of course, viewers will likely be curious as to what the future holds for Lucas as well.

When Calls the Heart -- which was able to film during the dual Hollywood strikes due to an interim agreement -- will premiere on Sunday, April 7 on Hallmark Channel. After Season 10’s big 100th episode celebration, I can't wait to see what the producers have planned for Season 11. In the meantime, catch up on past episodes by streaming them with a Peacock subscription.