When Calls The Heart Is Kicking Off Season 11 On Hallmark, And Erin Krakow Is Back With All The BTS Posts

 Erin Krakow as Elizabeth in when Calls the Heart Season 9.
Erin Krakow as Elizabeth in when Calls the Heart Season 9.

When Calls the Heart is set to return as part of the 2024 TV schedule shortly, and there's reason to be hyped for the new episodes. Following Elizabeth and Lucas’ surprise breakup, Elizabeth will be leaning on Nathan. Though both characters will approach their relationship in a slow and steady way. Of course, there will be a lot of other plot threads involving the other denizens of Hope Valley. Ahead of all that goodness though, Erin Krakow is back to dropping some BTS content.

Thanks to an interim agreement, WCTH filmed during the dual Hollywood strikes last year. With the season only days away from its premiere, Erin Krakow and much of the cast likely have plenty of behind-the-scenes content that's ripe for posting. On that note, the actress celebrated the new season by continuing her tradition of sharing such content. She took to Instagram to kick off the Season 11 BTS posts with the annual #PlaneSelfieNotAPlaineSelfie. She noted that she didn’t post the photo last year because of the strikes, so this is a welcome sight. You can get a look at it below:

The Army Wives alum has become famous for posting plenty of BTS photos from When Calls the Heart and other projects she does. As a fan of the series, I'm glad to know that even after 11 seasons, that trend hasn't changed. Because Season 10 of the Hallmark drama premiered during the strikes, the leading lady and her co-stars weren’t able to promote the show, meaning that they couldn’t post any BTS pictures. She did, however, make up for it by posting photos and videos from set following the strikes.

At this point, it's just great that Erin Krakow is still on the show and seemingly shows no sign of wanting to leave. While it's been said that the series could work without Krakow as Elizabeth Thatcher, the actress and her character would be missed by this fan. Plus, with her out of the equation, viewers would be missing one third of the love triangle involving Elizabeth, Nathan and Lucas.

When it comes to Season 11 itself, I'm hopefully that this will be the show's best stretch of stories yet. The series celebrated 100 episodes last season, and one would think that there are some major storyline developments on the horizon. As of right now, WCTH has yet to be renewed for Season 12 but, with any luck, an announcement will come sooner rather than later.

More immediately though, I'm just looking forward to the new episodes. On top of that, there will surely be more photos and videos from Erin Krakow and co. Here's hoping we get some good BTS tidbits as the installments air. Speaking of which, Season 11 of When Calls the Heart premieres on Sunday, April 7, on Hallmark Channel as part of the 2024 TV schedule. Fans can also catch up on past episodes by streaming them with a Peacock subscription.